Death And In A Sentence

How To Use Death And In A Sentence?

  • Cruel as death, and hungry as the grave.
  • Perhaps it was an ignoble death, and an anticlimax.
  • In one whose life makes death and life the same.
  • Provision in case of death, and provision for fulfilment.
  • It was white as death, and shining with perspiration.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Death And | Death And Sentence

  • Death and the professors.
  • Death and the grave are conquered.
  • Death and birth of congress.
  • Death and destruction reigned.
  • All reach of all but only death and love.
  • It was like to death and the grave.
  • O house of death and horrors!
  • Death and all his angels stalk through the city.
  • Better death and ruin than dishonour.
  • He clean forgot his death and where he was.
  • Weeping over death and in pity was denied him.
  • He feigns death and the spirits weep for him.
  • Thieves breaking in threaten with death and pillage.
  • Daily he fought battles with death and conquered.
  • They are frightened half to death and hungry too.
  • His liver preserves against death and pestilence.
  • For one in death and one in agony.
  • He was tired to death and almost frozen.
  • Pride and grief facing down death and humiliation.
  • We are all curious respecting death and vice.
  • He will be sentenced to death and the family disgraced.
  • How could death and he meet together?
  • For death and sorrow are my darling themes.
  • It is kept in check by death and infancy.
  • Shall we give our bravest to death and pain?
  • Have you made a covenant with death and hell?
  • On these charges he was condemned to death and executed.
  • The air is full of death and desolation.
  • When death and sorrow harmonise her note.
  • They laugh at death and even play with it.
  • She has seen death and suffering and ruin.
  • It would simply be sentenced to death and defeat.
  • She knew she was fleeing death and facing death.
  • Youth toyed with death, and was not afraid.
  • For he meant only death, and you were life.
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