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  • One result of this debate is clear.
  • The debate was long and vehement.
  • Why discuss them in cabinets, and debate them in councils?
  • The debate was prolonged and fiery....
  • In the Senate the debate was particularly acrimonious.
  • The debate was set for the first Friday in the new year.
  • Among the attendants at the Leipzig Debate was Hoogstraten.
  • After considerable debate my point was conceded and the thanks left out.
  • Thus begins the correspondence: a debate from him, lecture notes from her.
  • But the debate was a formal skirmishing, a pastime to gain breathing-space.
  • Acrimonious debate in Parliament on the shells question was inevitable.
  • Miss MacLauren was right about it; the debate did not take place.
  • I understand that Brother Sweeny has agreed to debate with Miller.
  • Bennet fancied he knew the debate which was going on within the girl's breast.

How To Use Debate In A Sentence?

  • Much contest and debate divided the stage of incipient evil from the stage of confessed grievance.
  • She was able to debate so absurd a suggestion, to argue it down, and turn it into ridicule.
  • People will debate whether it is truthfulness, reverence, kindness, or some other virtue.
  • And, somehow, the debate on the news of the evening leads on to other chat of an interesting kind.
  • But Berlioz was too bitter and reckless, as well as too proud, to debate consequences.
  • This, Jenny Barton understood; and in the long debate that followed she met it well.
  • The debate in Congress was not in any way connected with an acute German-American situation.
  • The debate on the Home Rule Bill was resumed in a much higher temperature than that of yesterday.
  • For to muse upon these thoughts and debate with them means to stimulate them and make them stronger.
  • To the modern reader the whole debate about vestments and liturgies would be amusing if it were not so tedious.
  • Locomotives were the subject of debate in scientific circles, and of scorn among the rest of the community.
  • The debate which arose has continued vigorously, and can not be regarded as settled at the present time.
  • They seem to have been written mainly by the same hand, but their authorship has been a matter of debate to this day.
  • He was an adept in the windings of non-committal expression, and his intellectual sinuosity was a resource in debate or difficulty.
  • He was a careful observer of character, and of conditions in affairs, and in a free debate he was never in peril of being overmatched.
  • At the debate in Leipzig Eck contended that the Latin Vulgate was inspired by the Holy Ghost.
  • On that occasion he spoke exceedingly well, but the attendance was small, an evening session having been assigned for debate upon that subject.
  • The debate went on for years, and it was ended only when I applied to it one fixed and reasoned principle.
  • Butt had been a polite parliamentarian, reverencing the courtesy of debate and at heart loving the British Constitution.
  • When great questions are under debate appeals are made to the principles of government and proportionately the education of the people is of a higher grade.
  • That public controversy could be conducted without loss of friendship he showed also in debate with Herbert Spencer.
  • Not offering to debate that question, nor waiting to appease her sudden craving for pop-corn, Missy moved toward the door.
  • When Mr. Wilson began this debate he knew something which his critics did not know and which for reasons of state he did not choose to tell them.
  • They were ill-rewarded for their pains, for never has a Home Rule debate produced fewer interesting moments.
  • He disliked controversy because it put obstacles in the way of uniformity, and he had no taste for speculative debate because it tended to undermine authority.
  • Harris, of Maryland, in the debate upon the resolution, made a speech much more offensive than that of Long.

Definition of Debate

(transitive, intransitive) To participate in a debate; to dispute, argue, especially in a public arena. [from 14th c.] | (obsolete, intransitive) To fight. [14th-17th c.] | (obsolete, transitive) To engage in combat for; to strive for.
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