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  • But he debated only briefly.
  • She debated the point at length.
  • Then they debated the only other means of escape.
  • It was debated in season and out of season.
  • For a minute or two we debated on our tactics.
  • It was debated whether the torture should be employed.
  • The case was debated for six years.
  • It was in vain that I debated this question with myself.
  • Then he debated the offer made by Silwood.
  • For a moment the War Chief debated what he should do.
  • The Privy Council debated long and anxiously.
  • Finally they led him out of the room while they debated on his sentence.
  • So he had watched and discovered and reasoned and debated with himself.
  • I debated whether they would steal my boots if I put them out.

How To Use Debated In A Sentence?

  • She had debated the question and had decided that the game was not worth the candle.
  • Drew debated the idea of booting his own horse from their line of march and trying to ride for it.
  • They debated and came to this resolution, that no one should go down below the upper shelf.
  • For at least five minutes he debated with himself, then licked his lips and surrendered.
  • There was no question of hurt pride to be debated within the mind of him, therefore.
  • Ah, how anxiously that problem was debated with my wife, many a night when the children were abed!
  • As Penny debated whether or not to wait any longer, there was a sudden stir in the room.
  • The paper was warmly debated and revised in congress on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of July, 1776.
  • For a full minute, in dead silence, Serviss debated the matter, then rose to comply.
  • On the subject of destroying the Storm King, however, he debated long and earnestly.
  • Louise and Penny, completely bewildered, left with their driver, Joe, debated their next action.
  • It had been a debated question with the chums for some weeks as to shutting down for the summer months.
  • Throughout the whole evening he debated within himself whether he should see her in order to wish her farewell.
  • Roger debated a moment and decided that he had indulged in enough irregularity and violence for one day.
  • She debated with herself for a moment, but after an inspection of her patient she decided to tell him the facts.
  • Romney had some talent as a musician, and as a boy he debated whether he should be a musician or a painter.
  • She debated waiting until after four o'clock when the editor doubtless would leave the building.
  • Then they thought to appease their hunger, which by this time was acute, and debated how this was to be done.
  • He debated with himself, too, how much he owed to the girl who gave her life up so unreservedly to him.
  • Pan being the god of nature in that ancient world, all who heard were terrified, and they debated whether or not they should obey the command.
  • Among the peasants, too, the question was being debated whether Luther would follow up his preaching with the logical action.
  • The question involved in this theory was hotly debated by philosophers and scientists in the Sixties and Seventies.
  • The two schools then in existence, the pseudo-classical and the romantic, debated savagely as to which category Pushkin belonged.
  • It was much debated at Court whether there should be peace with Spain or no, and he was very urgent for war.
  • The Mint officials proposed a raising of the denomination, and again the matter was hotly debated in and out of the Council.
  • He often debated the question with the savants aboard the Ark, and, despite their incredulity, he persisted in his opinion.

Definition of Debated

disputed, under discussion, not settled. | simple past tense and past participle of debate
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