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  • Clear up the debris of the battle.
  • Signs and debris of all description cluttered the roadway.
  • Across the debris she bent, absorbed and tense.
  • Mr. Meech sat up among the debris and listened.
  • Once he looked up and saw a piece of cosmic debris smash into a monolith.
  • Pat was clearing up the debris made by four men eating a picnic lunch.

How To Use Debris In A Sentence?

  • He had no hope of clearing society of the intellectual and moral debris of ages at a stroke.
  • There was a great heap of debris on the floor, and this the boys attacked with a vim.
  • The roof of my cellar is arched brick and has a few tons of fallen debris on the floor upstairs.
  • As they fell clouds of bricks and other debris were thrown in the air; the din was terrific.
  • The burning sheds collapsed like packs of cards, the debris bursting into a series of fires.
  • Inside the room, debris and wreckage were everywhere, and four men were prostrate on the floor.
  • Late that night I found myself alone with Margaret amid the debris of the gathering.
  • Our photographs show: (1) debris of the shattered framework; and (2) wreckage of the cars.
  • The debris cleared, up went my camera, and, standing by the handle, I awaited the next.
  • Many rivers were entirely choked by debris from the crumbled mountains and spread their waters in destructive floods.
  • The waters surrounding these islands were as calm as a lake and all around our ship floated the debris of spices.
  • It was wrapped in a week-old copy of a newspaper recovered from the debris around the new barracks.
  • The debris was now smouldering sullenly in the cloudless, windless day that had succeeded the storm.
  • The ground was here covered with broken branches and debris of all sorts, well tramped into the ground.
  • They rummaged around through the construction debris and found a pair of small wooden boxes that had held instruments.
  • Henry noticed that the water was still rising, and that the mass of floating debris was also increasing.
  • The smell of the smoke and the dirt from the debris was choking, and every minute we expected to be our last.
  • There was the tent still standing, and apparently uninjured by the storm of stones and debris that had rained down about it.
  • To be whisked away in a plumed hearse to a grave dug out of the debris of a hundred forgotten graves was the climax of insult.
  • To pick one's way in the dark over strange ground littered with debris is not an easy task.
  • Dirt and debris were to be seen in many places, and half a dozen sailors and marines had been killed or wounded.
  • Here and there were partially demolished houses or farm structures, or cellars, choked with debris of what had once been houses.
  • When the smoke cleared the sky was empty, except for a little scattered debris falling slowly to the ground.
  • All one morning they had worked gathering debris and placing it so that it turned the course of a rapid stream that threatened the larger house.
  • Then with a mighty roar the earth and debris fell back upon itself, forming a crater about 150 feet across.
  • Evidently the dam of debris had given way, for it roared in full flood now, and it was with anxiety that we quickened our pace.
  • There was a machine-gun on the end of the western pier, and that vanished in the roar and the leap of flame and debris which called to the guns.
  • External examination revealed no signs of an injury, although two of the other men had been badly battered by flying debris from the explosion.
  • It looked like a tiny volcano, belching up fire and debris and pushing up through the midst of it a great black canopy of smoke.
  • He pointed to an old valise that, spread open, lay under the stairs amid the debris which the masons had left.
  • The little curate desisted from the appendices and refuse heaps and general debris of his story, and made himself look very alert and intelligent.
  • While the two men were trying to repair the car, the girls worked to clear away the stones and d├ębris that encumbered and blocked the road.
  • It would have beaten the finest Indian scout to try and distinguish the trench from the debris and honeycomb of shell-holes.
  • Sir William Hamilton distinguished the debris of no less than six eruptions besides that which destroyed it.

Definition of Debris

Rubble, wreckage, scattered remains of something destroyed. | Litter and discarded refuse. | The ruins of a broken-down structure
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