Debts In A Sentence

How To Use Debts In A Sentence?

  • Our debts will be paid off and we shall have cash in hand to a considerable amount.
  • As soon as he saw he could not pay his debts he stopped spending and notified his creditors.
  • These very debts and difficulties were his best friends now, and kept him steady to his task.
  • You know that you recover scarcely ten per cent on debts from these fine gentlemen.
  • Thus two debts are liquidated, without the transmission of a farthing in money.
  • But, then, most of these men were in earnest, and meant to pay off their debts loyally.
  • In many places, however, the great majority of debts were for less than ten dollars.
  • Suzanne, whose debts would make racy reading, had quaked every time she opened it.
  • He had made debts and difficulties for himself during that wild, foolish time at Paris!
  • We forbade her to pay their debts to Ali, because he has too urgent need of money just now.
  • It has been said that they wrote them merely to pay their debts when they found that poems did not pay.
  • I must further allow myself a few notices, if only as an acknowledgment of debts that cannot be paid.
  • Such earnings may be invested in property and it will be exempt from seizure for debts of her husband.
  • To such a pass had things come that all people wanted to pay their debts and no one wanted to be paid.
  • The money came in time to rescue her from a prison; but the payment of her debts left her penniless.
  • But they had no house, and could not furnish one without incurring debts which would be a severe clog on their future industry.
  • It is still more true of the British fleet that it does not exist for the purpose of collecting debts of bondholders.
  • Jefferson managed to pay off many of his small debts with his first year's salary as President.
  • Bonds were issued for those debts but there were no receipts paid into the Treasury, and consequently the debit side of the account was a blank.
  • The debts due to the Company at the closing of the accounts must be entered in a separate memorandum, and submitted with the accounts.
  • I do not consider that I am legally or morally bound to recognize the debts which his Highness gave me to understand he had paid voluntarily.
  • They chatted amicably, for Suzanne, since the robbery and the knowledge that her debts were paid, had been unusually gay and good-humored.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Debts | Debts Sentence

  • Our debts are all paid.
  • Your bridge debts are accumulating.
  • Now debts are discharged in the first instance by vouchers.
  • To pay their debts is their national point of honor.
  • Sir it would not pay my debts and support me long.
  • They owed debts which they could never pay.
  • Have three or four debts to pay, one agin old Allsman.
  • For what amount are these debts upon which writs are returnable?
  • The dower interest of the wife is not subject to the debts of her husband.
  • He's not in the mood for paying debts to a weakened enemy.
  • The debts he left behind him were considerable; his effects small.
  • We liquidate debts of play, and usury, from the same resources.
  • I will pay off old debts as far as possible, and will incur no new ones.
  • In this year, all debts were to be remitted, and slaves set at liberty.
  • By it he discharges all debts of honor to the dead, past, present and future.
  • My debts keep me out of London, just as effectually as my morals.
  • When Elphinstone was sold, it brought less than the debts on it.
  • How we shall ever persuade Lady Sarah to pay his debts I cannot imagine!

Definition of Debts

plural of debt
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