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  • Elle daterait du début du 12e siècle.
  • Son début avait été de la plus grande maladresse.
  • Beatrice and Lillian had to make their debut there.
  • La tour romane date du début du 12e siècle.
  • First, a most promising debut in London.
  • The debut of Lois Taggett.
  • He made his debut at a concert given by Mozart at Dresden.
  • Yes, I can safely say that Leah made her debut with us.
  • Tel est le début d'un livre sur les Abeilles d'Angleterre.
  • She had sent him the card to her debut ball by way of repaying an obligation.
  • Melba made her debut in grand opera when she was twenty-two years of age.
  • All was now ready for the debut of Jack's paragon.
  • La partie supérieure de la tour fut édifíée au début du 16e siècle.
  • Teresa Titjens made her debut in grand opera at the age of fifteen.
  • Construite au 11e siècle, la nef fut terminée au début du 12e siècle.
  • Le début de la fin, donc, pour la téléphonie à un prix prohibitif.
  • The Debut into Society of" etc., etc.
  • Kellog made her debut as Gilda in "Rigoletto" at the age of eighteen.
  • She was the pupil of Mlle Prevost, and made her debut in 1725 with Rich.

How To Use Debut In A Sentence?

  • He had previously made his debut there, by a theory on the influence of the planets.
  • It was not until eight years later that he made a serious debut as an operatic composer.
  • The commencement of a parliament is always looked to with curiosity, as the debut of new members.
  • Nordica made her debut at fifteen, and is still one of the greatest and loveliest of our singers.
  • Scalchi studied while a mere child, and made her grand opera debut at the age of sixteen.
  • Pauline Lucca was singing at thirteen, and made her debut at the age of sixteen.
  • It would be my debut as a grown girl, and I must offer myself to their criticism.
  • So pronounced was his talent that he made his debut at the age of eight in Vienna, Austria.
  • Glass is scarcely known in Cuban windows; the glazier has yet to make his debut in Havana.
  • At the age of four and one-half years he made his debut at the Philadelphia Academy of Music.
  • His debut as a pianist was made in Rome, in 1881, at the palace of Cardinal Hohenlohe.
  • Contemporary press reports of the stage debut of the telephone showed pleased astonishment mixed with considerable dread.
  • I was sitting on stage with my seventeen year-old daughter, actually participating in her debut as a soloist.
  • Sometimes she brought with her the youngest of her offspring, a little girl of six who had already made her debut as a child-actress.
  • Besides this my debut in a hammock for a bed was a pronounced failure, until a merciful sleep temporarily took me from the sad realities.
  • The young girl made her debut that winter, and the papers were full of her pictures and the entertainments given in her honor.
  • This is the reason one sees so many artists who have made a brilliant debut disappear from sight very soon or wind up later on a mediocre career.
  • Au début des années 2000, la webcam devient partie intégrante d'un équipement informatique.
  • Ce début audacieux trouva un public bienveillant, mais n'obtint qu'un succès d'estime.
  • Pesaroni made her grand opera debut at sixteen, and twenty-five years later we find her still one of the leading grand opera singers.
  • She was born in Milan in 1812, made her debut at sixteen, and had an undisputed reign of over a quarter of a century.

Definition of Debut

(transitive, chiefly US) to formally introduce, as to the public | (intransitive) to make one's initial formal appearance | A performer's first performance to the public, in sport, the arts or some other area.
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