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  • First, a most promising debut in London.
  • Melba made her debut in grand opera when she was twenty-two years of age.
  • Teresa Titjens made her debut in grand opera at the age of fifteen.
  • She was the pupil of Mlle Prevost, and made her debut in 1725 with Rich.
  • When at the age of thirty-five he made his debut in politics
  • She was twenty-two years old, and came to London, where she made her debut in _

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  • Glass is scarcely known in Cuban windows; the glazier has yet to make his debut in Havana.
  • Besides this my debut in a hammock for a bed was a pronounced failure, until a merciful sleep temporarily took me from the sad realities.
  • It is by a lady of the aristocratic circles of the Prussian capital, who now makes her debut in literature.
  • This evening the Russian gypsies were to make their debut in the Orangerie, and they were frightened at their own success.
  • As the spring drew near, Lord Earle became anxious for his daughters to make their debut in the great world.
  • Her success was assured when she made her debut in the first-named opera at the Opera Comique, in Paris, in 1889.
  • In due course Lady Jane Umleigh made her debut in society, in all the bloom and freshness of her stately Saxon beauty.
  • Do you really think it would be fair to him to ask him to come to New York merely for a party, to see the girl he cannot hope to marry make her debut in a society to which he could never belong?
  • And that evening at Jenkins', his own debut in society as well as Paul's, had left upon him an impression of arches erected as if for a triumph, of a curious crowd, of flowers thrown in his path.
  • Jenkins' evening party was therefore a debut in society for that provincial, whose very ignorance and Southern adaptability made him first of all a keen observer.
  • In our little group we ran from seventeen to nineteen; some of us just finishing high school, others just on the edge of college, others (like myself) engaged in professional studies, and still others making a debut in business as clerks.
  • My debut in Paris was that of the somewhat bewildered foreigner, speaking but very indifferent French, and she had from the first done what she could to make me feel at home in the strange city, treating me with truly motherly care and devotion.
  • On the night preceding Diotti's debut in New York, he was the center of attraction at a reception given by Mrs. Llewellyn, a social leader, and a devoted patron of the arts.
  • Bucklers, swords, drums and muskets, that doubtless rattled and banged away upon Bunker Hill, were duly, carefully and critically examined, and as a finale to my debut in the Senate, I mounted the Speaker's stand, and spouted about three feet of Webster's first oration at Bunker Hill.
  • Whether in the vow aforesaid Mr. Cudmore had only been engaged in that species of tesselating which furnishes the pavement so celebrated in the lower regions, I know not; but true it is, that he retired that night to his chamber very much discomfited at his debut in the great world, and half disposed to believe that nature had neither intended him for a Brummel nor a D'Orsay.
  • Katherine Tofts, who made her debut in Clayton's "Arsinoe, Queen of Cyprus," about 1702, was the first dramatic songstress of English birth, and is described by Colley Cibber as a beautiful woman with a clear, silvery-toned, flexible soprano.
  • However, for the benefit of those who have no access to the biographies of the singers, I will select the names that I am sure you are familiar with, beginning at 1740, and down to the present time: Malibran, one of the world's most famous singers, at the age of seven was studying Solfeggio with Panseron at Naples, Italy, and made her debut in grand opera in her fifteenth year.
  • {330} This person makes his grand debut in the year '39, at a public meeting in the principal room of a country inn.
  • After your adoption and your graduation from the finishing school, you will, of course, take your place in our home as our daughter, will make your debut in society that fall, and, I hope, be very happy with us and in your new life."
  • "Upon my soul," thought I, "I shall not select that morning for my debut in the field."
  • "Killer's" debut in late 1985 made it the first publicly available UNIX site in the state of Texas.
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