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  • Some cats are very deceitful at heart.
  • Verily the deceitful should be destroyed by deceit.
  • How cruel and deceitful life is!
  • To temper the deceitful ray.
  • It is a most deceitful and hollow world!
  • Oh, you deceitful wretch!
  • Was it not rather the sport of a deceitful dream?
  • Jane, you have been a deceitful thing.
  • He also labors to prove him deceitful and a liar.
  • What a wicked, deceitful wretch he is!
  • The deceitful lover is plainly meditating a fresh attack.
  • Ah, thou sly and deceitful hypocrite!
  • Ha, ha, beautiful deceitful thing.
  • He recalled the deceitful offer of the Shawnee leader.
  • That deceitful steelyard had been the mainspring of his fortune.
  • You think the sound of that deceitful voice has any charm for me!
  • The deceitful will always badly say what he does not feel in himself.
  • This is your deceitful lure for the weak souls of sinful nations!
  • The deceitful Jingle saw in this a chance to benefit himself.
  • Who could conceive, indeed, of a more cruel or deceitful tyrant?
  • He had regular features, deceitful eyes, and looked something of a rake.
  • On every point the deceitful Malay came short of his agreement.
  • I tell you, he's the most deceitful rummy I ever seen.
  • All the Einheriar fought with each other, deceitful woman! for thy sake.
  • I did not tell him, deceitful woman that I was, that I myself already knew.

How To Use Deceitful In A Sentence?

  • These mustangs are unquestionably the most deceitful and spiteful of all the equine race.
  • Your youth and inexperience make you a stranger to a deceitful and flagitious world.
  • It is precisely this that renders the deceitful science of conquerors so calamitous to nations.
  • Ollie must be protected against his deceitful wiles, and against herself as well.
  • She said appearances were deceitful and the most costly looking girls were often the cheapest.
  • The tears he shed over my supposed corse could not be dangerous and deceitful drops.
  • They are hospitable, but neglect their parents; and are deceitful and ungrateful.
  • Straightway he is led by the deceitful brute into the unhallowed circle of his Bohemian masters.
  • But he plotted again, and promised again, and bribed and bought again, in his old deceitful way.
  • Catherine de Medicis was as crafty and deceitful as her father, and more superstitious and cruel.
  • It is a pity, is it not, Edward, that we are compelled to be thus deceitful in this world?
  • Now she hath clouded her deceitful face, My spiteful days prolong their weary race.
  • Favour is deceitful and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised.
  • But though Letitia might be a romp, she was not a deceitful girl, and she respected her mother.
  • The cunning deceitful butterfly, so soon as Bevis came near, turned aside and went along a furrow.

Definition of Deceitful

Deliberately misleading or cheating. | deceptive, two-faced
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