Deceitfully In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Deceitfully | Deceitfully Sentence

  • This Wronged One hath at no time dealt deceitfully with anyone.

How To Use Deceitfully In A Sentence?

  • They that have turned away from Me have schemed many a time, and acted deceitfully in divers ways.
  • Surely have we been distressed upon learning that ye have been deceitfully vanquished by relentless enemies!
  • Whoever intentionally or deceitfully kills another, shall be executed, and whoever shelters him shall be banished.
  • It hath been heard by us that, that king was deceitfully defeated by Pushkara, and afflicted with calamity, he dwelt in the woods with his spouse.

Definition of Deceitfully

in a deceitful manner | with the intention to deceive

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