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  • Do not deceive yourself or her.
  • Do not deceive yourselves.
  • Does that shade deceive you?
  • Can you deceive him thus?
  • Then why did you try to deceive me as to where she sat.
  • He had given up trying to deceive himself.
  • You might perhaps deceive others.
  • But let us not deceive ourselves by words.
  • But you deceive no one, least of all yourself.
  • There is illusion that shall deceive even the elect.
  • I would rather you would never deceive me in a small act.
  • She did not deceive Harboro.
  • Do you think you could deceive Joan?
  • And to what end Should I deceive you?
  • You cannot think that I would deceive you, Emily?
  • I'll never deceive you.
  • Why?" "Do not try to deceive me any longer, Mr. Wibra.
  • There's no use in trying to deceive you.
  • Why should men who deceive women be received by it with open arms?
  • Oh, it was very cruel to deceive a poor little girl in this heartless way!
  • And in this manner did they oftentimes deceive the servant of God.
  • You are related to us in some way, and you deceive the Gorgios about it.
  • I do not watch you, and if you were to deceive me I should be none the wiser.
  • But Aunt Dorothy did not allow the compliment to deceive her.
  • Don't you deceive yourself; you certainly do not deceive me.
  • They don't deceive anybody, but they want to be left to themselves.
  • But it wasn't because he didn't see her; no, he didn't deceive himself.

How To Use Deceive In A Sentence?

  • But you are now under the effects of the intoxicating water, and may deceive yourself.
  • How should we deceive the nondescript that we called "the roll-call sergeant"?
  • Men who deceive men, who break with them contracts made only by word, are ostracized from society.
  • Could you so far deceive her easy faith, And leave her to misfortune and distress?
  • Yes, if the silence of this rocky desert deceive me not, here I may die in peace.
  • Can it be wrong for me too, in my turn, To deceive them, by whom we're all deceiv'd?
  • But you deceive yourself if you think we cannot see that these extraordinary and utterly contradictory stories are prompted by sudden panic.
  • He thinks to deceive our young braves with talk of his furs and his lodges and his power in the land of the white men.
  • In the days of his early manhood he spent much time in devising ways to deceive people into thinking him taller.
  • But this plausible statement may deceive a reader unacquainted with the fact, that the principal teaching relied on is private tuition.
  • Only, being a woman too honest to deceive herself, she found she could no longer apply the precepts that she had used once to her satisfaction.
  • While following the style in which church hymns are composed, I had been able to deceive myself on this point.
  • Then the saint forbade Satan that in that vessel he should longer abide, or deceive mankind with so wicked a phantom.

Definition of Deceive

(transitive) To trick or mislead.
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