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How To Use Decembers In A Sentence?

  • Cold in the earth--and fifteen wild Decembers, From these brown hills, have melted into spring!
  • I sent a request to Lafontaine and his wife, that they should perform their "covenant," and venture to see "how English life contrived to get through the dulness of its Decembers."
  • When gloomy gray Decembers are roused to Christmas mirth, The dullest life remembers there once was joy on earth, And draws from youth's recesses
  • In the ghostly light I'm sitting, musing of long dead Decembers, While the fire-clad shapes are flitting in and out among the embers On my hearthstone in mad races, and I marvel, for in seeming
  • "Cold in the grave, and fifteen wild Decembers From these brown hills have melted into spring;

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  • In desolate Decembers Man bides his time:

Definition of Decembers

Plural form of december
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