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  • Only force can be the deciding factor.
  • There seems to be no way of deciding which is the earlier.
  • She waited a minute before deciding to speak openly.
  • A monster crowd had gathered to witness the deciding game.
  • While he spoke, the Captain had been deciding on a course.
  • In the meantime Val, too, was deciding something.
  • In deciding these questions, considerable thinking has to be done.
  • He went further, he admitted that her beauty was the deciding element.
  • Frank and Jolly spent several hours deciding on the matinee feature.
  • For the present, I see no way of deciding between the two possibilities.
  • But before deciding I'm going to have another look at Gray Muff.

How To Use Deciding In A Sentence?

  • Heavy artillery has become an increasingly important factor in deciding battles.
  • Consequently the problem of deciding upon the relative atomic weights is not an easy one.
  • So vitally important is the point of view in deciding upon the right or wrong of an act.
  • The practical consequences of any political tenet go a great way in deciding upon its value.
  • Again, in deciding between oil and gas, local economic factors must be considered.
  • At Christmas many people find a difficulty in deciding what to give their friends.
  • The quality and strength of the machine he rode would be a very prominent and perhaps a deciding factor.
  • To me it was quite evident that they were deciding my destiny, or so it seemed in the stillness of the night.
  • One must preliminarily have acquired the qualities necessary to drive a locomotive before deciding to set it going.
  • Therefore honours remained equal between these two champions who must now run the final and deciding course.
  • Dreams are generally so fully relied upon by them as to be sometimes the means of deciding contested points in history and science.
  • Similarly, intelligence must be displayed in deciding which of several uniformly-yielding trees should be removed.
  • I believe in deciding as soon as possible what a child shall be, according to his earliest inclinations.
  • He was so unmethodical that he never even looked into her account book, deciding that it was uninteresting and not worth while.
  • I have said that in all political questions the consequences of any assumed rights are of great moment in deciding upon their validity.
  • Perhaps some correspondents may be able to throw more light on the transaction, and assist in deciding which is the correct version.
  • She turned him down; and at the last moment he upset our plans by deciding to cut loose and go with us.
  • As the air forces were the deciding factor in that first great onslaught, so they have remained during the whole struggle.
  • Everyone is to have a chance to contribute to this book, all the family deciding by vote each week as to which story should be placed on its pages.
  • Is there a man or a class who would dare to claim the right of putting himself in the place of the people, of deciding and of acting for them?
  • She was braced against a tree, and her senses were measuring the distance between her horse and herself, and deciding whether escape were possible.
  • Not waiting to see who had obstructed his progress, and probably deciding that it was the police, he bounded in among some bushes.
  • He had amused himself for years in deciding what books should be "crowned," as he called it, and what not.
  • In the seventh place, we benefit both parties by deciding quickly, as a loss is better than a law-suit.
  • No one but a Dennis will hesitate an instant in deciding which of the theories is the more importantly and eternally true one.
  • Melroy looked at Crandall curiously, wondering if the latter were serious, and deciding that he was.
  • The play of a chance lies in deciding that; I can keep the chance or give it away; that is for you to say.
  • But to act foolishly by deciding hastily, by lack of mature reflection, that I should only call a foolish mistake.
  • And there will be men living somewhere who will hear the name that you boys now have, and you are deciding now by the habits you make what sort of man he is going to be.

Definition of Deciding

present participle of decide
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