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  • It is only because of the large families that they rear, that they are able to withstand this yearly decimation of their ranks.
  • The ancients recognised in very early times the need of sanitary precautions to protect themselves from the onslaught of disease and the consequent decimation of their race.
  • Hence all through the Western plains the whiskey runners had their way to the degradation and demoralization of the unhappy natives and to the rapid decimation of their numbers.
  • There was no escape from political ruin but by the inundation of fertile fields, the destruction to an unprecedented degree of private property, and the decimation of the male part of the population.
  • The negative report does not prove that tularemia or some other disease was not a factor in the decimation of the colony in Prater Canyon the year before.

Definition of Decimation

(strictly) The killing or punishment of every tenth person, usually by lot. | (generally) The killing or destruction of any large portion of a population. | A tithe or the act of tithing.
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