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  • If only she were able to decipher it!
  • So he determined to decipher it at that time and place.
  • Nor is it easy to decipher even this, with moderate accuracy.
  • I leave it to the wise to decipher the rationale, but such is the fact.
  • She bent down and out toward the light, trying to decipher the writing.
  • Then the Vizier was asked to find some one to decipher its meaning.
  • The letters were in such scraps I could not even decipher the address.
  • Not a light was visible, nor could I decipher any real outline of the vessel.
  • Of Greek I can decipher perhaps the greater part of the Greek alphabet.

How To Use Decipher In A Sentence?

  • The pretence that they want him to translate them or to decipher them is all fudge.
  • We do not propose that he shall decipher the hieroglyphics of algebra and geometry.
  • It was as he feared, in code which he might be able to decipher after long study.
  • Her eyes swimming with tears of joy, she could with difficulty decipher the words.
  • It is seen, however, that his attempt to decipher the inscriptions is a complete failure.
  • The Portuguese transcriber was unable to decipher the original of the bracketed words.
  • Personally, however, I hope you will stay with us whilst we decipher these documents.
  • She did her best to decipher the pale face which appeared over the breakfast cups and saucers opposite.
  • When the road lay pale and unshaded behind her he could decipher the curves of her head and shoulders.
  • The magicians of the capital were called into consultation, but none of them could decipher the writing.
  • Yet there is now and then one brave enough to gaze fixedly on this glittering, and to decipher something of the shape within it.
  • Some day a patient scribe may be found to decipher this decayed manuscript and set out orderly its miscellaneous contents.
  • Unmeaning and grotesque as it appears at first sight, a little attention enables us to decipher and interpret it.
  • And next forty or fifty very closely-written lines, in a hand too small to allow me to decipher them.
  • He has to decipher imperfectly and insufficiently addressed correspondence, search official and other directories to trace proper addresses.
  • For a while he watched her, puzzled, furtively trying to decipher some of the words that appeared upon the pages.
  • On the wrapper in big letters, such as a child might have written, the girl was able to decipher her own name.
  • It was somewhat difficult to decipher the charms and four words towards the end are quite illegible, and consequently they are omitted.
  • He examined it and tried to decipher the seal, but though he turned it over and over he did not understand paleography, so he could not read it.
  • The gramophone records in my convolutions were so badly scratched that I can hardly decipher a line of them.
  • They were traced in so fine a hand that I was obliged to return beside the fire to decipher their contents.
  • Yet, when he did settle to his task he wrote at a tremendous rate, and so vilely that often he was quite unable to decipher his own caligraphy.
  • It was dropping from her trembling hands when, by a great effort, she recovered herself, and at length was able to decipher the writing.
  • He who is able to decipher this magic script, says tradition, will be able to tell where hidden treasure is to be found in any part of the country.
  • Slowly she made her way round the church, looking at every tablet and monument, and trying in vain to decipher the writing upon them.
  • Frank could not distinguish the words, but with his limited knowledge of Spanish he was able to decipher that language was being employed.
  • We are often much puzzled to say what these various divinities, whose names we decipher on the monuments, could possibly have represented.
  • I took my manuscript out of my pocket to try and decipher it, held it close up to my eyes, and ran through it, one line after the other.
  • Then, curious to know what the manuscript contained, he inquired of the Vizier if he knew of any one who could decipher it.
  • He has been too busy trying to decipher the manuscripts to have had any time or strength to glance at the Saturday night or Sunday morning papers.
  • Some moments of painful suspense ensued, while General Beauregard strained his eyes to decipher the advancing banner.

Definition of Decipher

(transitive) To decode or decrypt a code or cipher to plain text. | (transitive) To read text that is almost illegible or obscure. | (transitive) To find a solution to a problem.
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