Deciphered in a sentence

Definition of Deciphered

simple past tense and past participle of decipher

How to use Deciphered in a Sentence?

  • I deciphered a few of the texts on the scriptural patchwork quilt which covered my couch.
  • Fred said, half to himself, as he deciphered the message after considerable difficulty.
  • It took him many a sleepless hour before he deciphered the device Lascia la donna.
  • The telegram in question, like many others, was presumably deciphered by the English.
  • Penny was certain she had deciphered the third word of the code and that it was the same as she had written unintentionally.
  • There is nothing surprising in this, for we also deciphered all enemy telegrams which we were able to intercept.
  • In a few moments she had deciphered it, and sat with the journal still in her hand, staring straight before her.
  • The secret of his movements is easily deciphered in a man of Kosciuszko's stamp.
  • They were also very much indebted to the telegraph clerks, who deciphered the scrawls handed them, and who transmitted the messages.
  • The artists who have visited Egypt have helped us as cordially as the learned men who have deciphered its inscriptions.
  • Her eyes somehow deciphered the main points, and then she sat looking at the thin slip, seeing nothing.
  • You should have heard the sterling vernacular in which Clem gave utterance to her feelings as soon as she had deciphered the mocking letter?
  • The same Hebrew words are read by different sets of vowel points, and the same hieroglyphics are deciphered by keys everlastingly varied.
  • But the documents recently brought to light through the labours of those who unearthed and deciphered the MSS.
  • Had some of them not seen this dollar marked and its message deciphered and sent vibrating through the air, they would have refused to believe that the coin before them carried a message at all.
  • Already I had deciphered "beef-tea" and "steamed sole" on the card, and concluded that the table was reserved for the duodenal ulcer.
  • Penny felt reasonably certain that she had deciphered the code correctly, but although she studied over the message for nearly an hour, she could make nothing of it.
  • In both cases the pictures are puzzles to be deciphered at length: they are expressions of moods brought about by half veiling reality and by making symbolically concrete an abstract force or cause.
  • If the manuscripts are ever deciphered it must be by long and laborious comparisons and happy guesses, thus gaining point by point and proceeding slowly and cautiously step by step.
  • When he had finished writing, he fastened the disc back in the cowl, dropped the dollar in his overcoat pocket, and began to send the message he had deciphered from the dollar.

Short Example Sentence for Deciphered

  • Champollion could not have deciphered them.
  • Patrice deciphered them with the greatest emotion.
  • I deciphered them, and tried to pronounce them aloud.
  • They would have to be deciphered before the message could be understood.
  • You begin to feel that they may not be deciphered or even opened.
  • It was deciphered with much labor and read with troubled seriousness.
  • Those that have been deciphered contain no Latin author of any value.
  • His character, like his manner, was not to be deciphered by vulgar eyes.
  • A fresh burst of grief announced that Dad had deciphered the lettering.
  • When I had deciphered so far the tower seemed suddenly to rock.
  • I sat motionless as the dead, whilst I deciphered these inhuman words.