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How To Use Decision In A Sentence?

  • Another few levels of investors buy in until the decision is made to go public.
  • In the end her decision was clinched as often happens by something outside herself.
  • She told herself that she had come there to decide, and decision came no nearer to her.
  • This was the decision he arrived at when the morning dawned upon him, lying despairing in his cot.
  • At last, out of a vast accumulation of impressions, decision distilled quite suddenly.
  • The barber was frankly amazed at the decision of Madame to cut off her feathery hair.
  • If the decision had been against a fight, Dan would have put the plug back without taking a chew.
  • It was Farmer Scone who helped her to this conclusion and her final decision to go.
  • There was great dissatisfaction with the decision of the arbitrators being favorable to the company.
  • This had no place in the proceedings because they could not prepare the decision in which they did not make investigations.
  • Luther's decision in this case must be studied in the light of all the evidence which we possess.
  • Sleep did not visit him that night, and when morning came he was no nearer a decision than he was the night before.
  • She saw the flaw in his ultimate decision to sacrifice himself and his prospects through a too stringent and quixotic interpretation of his duty.
  • He upheld the decision of his mother-in-law not to allow any attempt to effect an entrance into the room.
  • Has this subject been properly investigated? and has any research been made which has led to a satisfactory decision of the question?
  • Any other rule of decision would be manifestly unjust, and inconsistent with the dictates of a sound policy.
  • It seemed deceitful, after making such an ado over her decision to leave them, to resign themselves so quickly to her absence.
  • She gave him the gist of her conversation with Ashley on the previous day and the one great decision to which they had led him up.
  • These words were accompanied with such an unequivocal gesture toward the door that I believed the final decision had been uttered.
  • The Castilian deputies declared immediately that they were ready to do this, without prejudice of going on to the decision of the negotiations.
  • This decision was fortunate for the raiders, for had the Germans made a determined stand the attack must have failed.
  • Their final decision was to start with the lower classed folk of Pomperaque; those who usually had to steal in order to survive.
  • Their gardens, by-the-by, were not allotted to their successors without some difficulty, and the final decision involved a disappointment to me.
  • But when he entered, I had at least attained sufficient outward composure to tell him my decision in curt, resolute words.
  • He is the oracle of the Indians, and his special decision in anything that concerns Europe and civilization is without appeal.
  • On the English face are combined decision and nerve, with the fair complexion, blue eyes, and open and florid aspect.
  • After long taking of counsel, yet only the work of a moment Every decision must be; and the wise alone seizes the right one.
  • The triumph was of more value in appearance than in reality, for no decision had been reached on the main fronts and none of the chief belligerents was willing to give up.
  • I've had to make a decision that would be too frightful if something didn't seem to be leading me into the Street called Straight, as papa says.
  • The decision of the emperor was officially made known to the United States in a note of April 21, 1866.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Decision | Decision Sentence

  • Every decision makes but one enemy the more.
  • The final decision therefore lies with the confession.
  • Hague Court, decision in Venezuelan case, 256.
  • You must not make your decision in your first embarrassment.
  • Thus by their own decision and choice they left everything to us.
  • This decision was not arrived at at once, or without some ups and downs.
  • Should we dread the decision of this distinguished servant of the Law?
  • The President made the only decision that he had a moral right to make.
  • Its decision in the case of Costa Rica was announced September 30, 1916.
  • Now before Mr. McCloud gives you his decision I want to be allowed a word.

Definition of Decision

(boxing) To defeat an opponent by a decision of the judges, rather than by a knockout | The act of deciding. | A choice or judgement.
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