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  • They always left the decision to her.
  • It is an important decision to take.
  • But that frown had brought decision to her mind.
  • The decision to operate was made shortly after.
  • Let your doubt be to yourself, your decision to them.
  • The time was at hand for the decision to be made.
  • The decision to abandon the fence livened them up.
  • They must reach some decision to-night it appears.
  • A great man, he may give some decision to that family.
  • And they compromised by leaving the decision to Paris.
  • Mrs. Woodburn announced her decision to her daughter.
  • I will leave the decision to Miss Isola.
  • That is not the court's decision to make.
  • But the court was resolved to secure a decision to its own mind.
  • Are you still firm in your decision to stick to the tannery?
  • Perhaps the overdose deadened his decision to stay away from the hospital.
  • It was futile to ask her to make a decision, to take any initiative.
  • We shall test in every possible way the validity of your decision to go.
  • Anger gave way to despair, decision to weakness and yielding.
  • She was quite startled by the decision to which the Spaniard came.
  • That, he painfully reflected, would be a very difficult decision to make.
  • He arrived at his decision to buy, rather than sell, by tossing a coin.
  • They two, and nobody else, can make the decision to fit their marriage.
  • She had communicated their decision to Tom, who had heartily agreed with it.
  • Better leave that decision to Nye; he knew the country and the situation.

How To Use Decision To In A Sentence?

  • He was not willing to remain for a decision to be made between him and the other claimant.
  • She had left all decision to him, and his decision was to ask her a few questions.
  • An ingenious part of the conspiracy was the decision to leave the 1896 will in existence.
  • It would seem the majority of the council favour the decision to retire forthwith.
  • There are several matters of business which he knew awaited his decision to-day.
  • Every student at the close of the term had formed the decision to lead a christian life.
  • But she is so good and dutiful that she may stick by this decision, to please him.
  • You knew it would do this, and yet it did not alter your decision to throw me over.
  • Then she brushed these fancies into the background, for she had still a decision to make.
  • Still many days must not pass before her decision to stay at home was made known to her.
  • Waldersee is in Tientsin and has been there for weeks for some new decision to be made.
  • What troubled her most was the way in which she should communicate her decision to Gilbert.
  • Energy may be likened to the bending of a crossbow; decision, to the releasing of a trigger.
  • To speak truth, this last matter had no little weight in his decision to stay away.
  • Such is judging ability, in its completest form, as to the data of the decision to be reached.
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