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  • His decisions and decrees were generally impartial.
  • War requires quick decisions and prompt actions.
  • Very rarely have its decisions and policy been attacked by any organized party.

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  • Short-stop must always be an agile chap, who is especially quick both at decisions and throwing.
  • He was slow to come to decisions and too deliberate to make a military leader of the highest order.
  • We know the court that made it has often overruled its own decisions, and we shall do what we can to have it overrule this.
  • Joan was rather fond of making her own decisions, and had all the impatience of her nineteen years with mature advice.
  • Some arbitrary decisions and classifications proved necessary in reference to certain facts involved in the data employed in this study.
  • The long speeches give importance to the decisions, and compel a belief that momentous events are about to happen or have happened.
  • On the contrary, he had seemed to approve her decisions, and had even agreed with her in preferring the mistletoe to the pitcher-plant.
  • There was yet a long struggle; for he was too ponderous for quick decisions, and at the same time too outright for successful equivocation.
  • When it came to the necessary point Adelle, as we have seen, made her own decisions and abided by them, which is more than the strenuous always do.
  • The consequence of all this is that the history of the work done by the navy with aeroplanes and airships is essentially a history of official decisions and official acts.
  • In all decisions and acts of the Corporation and subsidiaries pertaining to employees and employment their interests are of highest importance.
  • In doing so, politicians will relieve themselves of the responsibility for hyping or spinning their decisions and instead use their time with the public to engage them in the evolution of the legislative process.
  • His eager temper transformed his convictions into downright passions; his integrity was an aggressive force, and there was a precipitation in his decisions and actions that was trying to his friends.
  • Everything used to depend on arbitrary decisions, and no one knew what he might keep or what he would be obliged to pay; and we chiefs of the villages had to decide what the yearly taxation of the fields should be.
  • He was just and impartial in all his decisions, and absolute in his control; and besides, he had the rare faculty of awakening in his pupils an enthusiasm for work inside the school and for sports outside.
  • A reverence for tradition, for those rules of conduct which have stood the test of time, is one restraining influence, but more formal restraints on sudden decisions and violent changes are necessary.
  • How premature our decisions, and how utterly senseless all those infidel cavils against a system which the most enlightened, philosophical, and Spirit-taught mind can neither understand nor deal with!
  • And it is in the decisions and readjustments of schools and lectures and courses, far more than anywhere else, that the real future of Great Britain will be decided.
  • Nupee's face was unclouded, but his position as hunter to our expedition had brought decisions and responsibilities which he had not known before.
  • I address myself to you, madame, who by your beauty and Spiritual charm hold such imperious sway over his decisions, and I implore you to undertake our defence.
  • Responsibility for discipline, decisions, and training must be joint, but the actual carrying out of these duties is the mother's.
  • Inasmuch as a valid rule, or principle, is of great assistance in arriving at sound decisions and in formulating effective plans (see page 22), this demand for reliable guides is logical, as well as natural.
  • Like true Legitimists, who had learned nothing and forgotten nothing, they were satisfied to confirm the Seleucian decisions and re-issue their old Lucianic creed.
  • He was by habit averse to changing his decisions, and outside of Ann Penhallow's range of authority the Squire's discipline was undisputed and his decrees obeyed.
  • Yet, Buckrow was in a quandary and, in spite of his fear of Thirkle, seemed inclined to free him, evidently finding it hard to make his own decisions, and preferring to have some one to give the orders.
  • The Supreme Court of the United States is the tribunal to decide such a question, and we will submit to its decisions; and if you do also, there will be an end of the matter.
  • The War Committee could not take its place; it was a large body of Ministers, too numerous to agree on special decisions, and not expert enough to deal with the complicated problems of aviation.
  • Such as are acquainted with the just rights of the two powers will never grant to Grotius, that the Sovereign has a right to judge in councils, to alter their decisions, and to depose the Ministers of the Church.
  • But as one of the Turks made his own decisions, and the other merely said "peki," which means "I concur," and as the decision went by a majority of votes, the British member did not have much chance.
  • The arts would lie open for ever to caprice and casualty, if those who are to judge of their excellences had no settled principles by which they are to regulate their decisions, and the merit or defect of performances were to be determined by unguided fancy.
  • His power lay in the rapidity and boldness of his decisions, and in the untiring energy with which he carried them out, confounding his enemies by the suddenness and lightning rapidity of his blows, which never gave them time to recover.
  • Between strokes they carried on a conversation having to do with such light and frivolous topics as bond issues, guarantees thereof, sinking funds, haulage rates, and legal decisions and pending legislation affecting transportation.
  • On the 12th of October Nelson received a piece of news which elicited instantaneously a flash of action, illustrative at once of the promptness of his decisions and of the briskness of temper that has been noted already.
  • A pilot must be prepared at every instant to change from the offensive to the defensive and back again, to take lightning decisions, and to extricate himself from one part of the fight and sweep away to another, if by so doing he can save a friend or destroy an enemy.
  • Their full solution involves subsidiary estimates, subsidiary decisions, and, not infrequently, distinct subsidiary plans and subsidiary directives.
  • The power to make quick decisions and the inability to cling to convictions; the nervous high pitch and the failure to sustain the triumphant note; energy without direction; success without stability; martyrdom without faith.
  • They were made the occasion for special evangelistic services, followed with an opportunity for decisions; and many times his heart was gladdened at the close of the sermon, by seeing more than a dozen of the young people manifest their decision to live a Christian life.
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