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  • Are decked in glorious sheen.
  • The church was decked with flags.
  • She had decked herself out in my bathrobe and the old fez.
  • The fair bride had been decked out with uncommon care.
  • This time it was a world decked with enormous diamonds.
  • Each dainty column is decked with flags and pennons.
  • The rain had stopped, a few stars sedately decked the sky.
  • The servants, and the young ladies also, decked it out.
  • Some decked themselves with rags, and then fancied themselves fair.
  • In the fresh-washed sunlight, the breakfast table is decked and white.
  • He has decked his outer walls in gaudy color, but is bare within.
  • But the horse-chestnut, decked out in yellow and green, lost scarcely a leaf.

How To Use Decked In A Sentence?

  • The sideboard was lavishly decked with the indispensables of that benighted day.
  • Youths with glowing eyes found themselves beside old women decked out in gala dress.
  • Gaily decked in bright colors, the grandstand presented an attractive appearance.
  • From each lodge came forth warriors decked in whatever garments could be most easily donned.
  • It was hung with velvet and decked with gilt, and the man sat in it like a frog in an orchid.
  • He arrayed her in a robe, embroidered in silver and gold, and decked her with sparkling diamonds.
  • Why, these hillsides are decked like a maiden in her beauty, like a bride robed for the altar!
  • In front, the Indians, painted and decked out for war, skimmed the lake in their light canoes.
  • Fungi decked the cliffs above us: colossal, petrified fungi, painted Indian fashion.
  • And the nails are driven to the head; They have decked her over, And again, and again.
  • But by his side, With tempting glide, The freight-cars decked with boys did slide!
  • Paradise is decked with mystic roses, and hell hath been made to blaze with the fire of the impious.
  • The wedding breakfast may be served picnic fashion on a long table of boards decked with apple blossoms.
  • The room was decked with evergreens, conspicuous among them being the mistletoe, to which a traditionary superstition attached.
  • Tables were spread and decked with glass and flowers, the rooms were brightly lit, and the wine was good.
  • He wears the cleanest of linen, and his faultless cuffs and ruffled shirt-bosom are decked with solid gold studs.
  • She was prettily attired after the custom of her tribe, wore bracelets of silver and a red tiara decked with eagle feathers.
  • The tree stands decked in its canopy of leaves, every one of which is ready and eager to assume the responsibilities it faces.
  • He was mounted on a magnificent horse, an immense plume floated from his hat, and he was decked out in all the grandeur of a bandit chief.
  • They brought to it, from the distant mountains, a spring of living water, and the floor was decked with purple carpets.
  • It was rather large, and very long; a table down the centre was dressed with flowers, and overflowing dishes decked the board.
  • It can be decked with gold and silver hearts and candy kisses, and on its branches should hang the shower gifts, prettily wrapped and tied.
  • Like many a lie it has been decked out with Bible-texts to give it respectability, and to soothe disquieted consciences.
  • His horse, tied to a little tree, was a very handsome one, and gayly decked out with red leather and ribbons.
  • It had an aspect of flaunting respectability; lintel and casements were shining with varnish; cheap starched curtains decked every window.
  • Thereto likewise came Alwin decked out in his best raiment, and many others were there apparelled also in their best.
  • When he appeared, he seemed to be decked with marine productions, and, in particular with shells, whose clattering announced his approach.
  • Every evening Veronique had her fresh bunch of flowers, which on the morrow decked her little salon and was carefully concealed from the neighbors.

Definition of Decked

Adorned or embellished. | (in combination) Having a specified number or type of decks. | simple past tense and past participle of deck
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