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  • Then he declaimed his freedom.
  • He declaimed some melancholy verses.
  • His name was Archie Royston, he declaimed proudly.
  • The Essay had to be declaimed upon Speech Day.
  • The Essay had to be declaimed upon Speech Day.
  • Billy Porter declaimed in a loud voice from the head of the procession.
  • He declaimed against kid-gloved exquisites and against the Jockey Club.
  • Hap Smith, a glass twisting slowly in his hand, declaimed long and loudly.
  • God and our native land," declaimed Monty Scruggs.

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  • Canal proprietors and toll-road companies had declaimed against the attack on vested rights.
  • She snatched up one manuscript and read aloud while I declaimed from the other.
  • But she declaimed to Alice none the less in private on the innate snobbishness of people.
  • He taught the unity of God, and forcibly declaimed against all those who gave him associates.
  • A reasonable man would thinke Divines had declaimed sufficiently upon these Themes.
  • The landlord then declaimed against ingratitude, at the time that the peasant spoke against oppression.
  • He declaimed against them and against the literature of the country which he did not, and could not, know.
  • This time, as he declaimed the verses, he went through the corresponding gestures of tendering a gift and plaiting a garland.
  • As if ignorant of its meaning, he gesticulated and declaimed in the liveliest manner, though a man of more than sixty years of age.
  • How often were they declaimed from the school rostrums in the days, dear reader, when you and I were young!
  • He spoke of the heresy of Geneva, declaimed on the authority of holy mother church, and then invited me to dinner.
  • Meanwhile, the younger man declaimed in a high-pitched pleasant voice, wherein there was, as always, the elusive suggestion of a stutter.
  • Wendell Phillips, their most gifted orator, a master of spoken style at once simple and melodious, declaimed splendidly against war.
  • She often begged him to read her the verses; Leon declaimed them in a languid voice, to which he carefully gave a dying fall in the love passages.
  • And the senior partner, growing eloquent, declaimed as if he were speaking of Hecuba instead of the mysterious Conway.
  • At least a dozen miners declaimed their readiness to go with Banta "and see him through," and Banta did not object.
  • So it happened that he sometimes declaimed his lines with a stammering tongue, and lost the last remnant of his authority over his company and effect upon the public.
  • Having for some time declaimed in such an energetic manner as to spread consternation throughout the camp, he turned his dromedary again to the west, and in a few minutes was out of sight.
  • He had finished its last page with honest pride that afternoon, and had declaimed it, facing the southern window, with a success that amazed himself.
  • Many envious critics, however, declaimed against him, asserting that success was not the legitimate desert of the opera, but of its magnificent presentation.
  • Thus have the landed proprietors of England declaimed loudly on the blessings of dear bread, because the corn laws keep up rents and the price of land.
  • The boor in uniform at my side, related his errand and order, gave the particulars of my arrest, declaimed against our agent, and submitted the journals.

Definition of Declaimed

simple past tense and past participle of declaim
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