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  • Knox made a declamatory and very unsatisfactory reply.
  • Presently his humour changed, and he passed into the declamatory stage.
  • He predicted, in his wild and declamatory way, his own death.
  • The voice, declamatory yet monotonous, paused as if the speaker listened.

How To Use Declamatory In A Sentence?

  • There are some cases in which no language can be declamatory because no words can aggravate them.
  • Hence his power of emphasis, his declamatory style thrilling with life and truth.
  • A debate ensued, which was desultory and declamatory on the part of those advocating the appropriation.
  • A long declamatory dialogue ensues between himself and Wolfram, in which he recites the story of his pilgrimage.
  • This is no declamatory morality; it is a chain of causes and effects, which is capable of being rigorously, mathematically demonstrated.
  • The peculiarity of Juvenal is a mixture of gaiety and stateliness, of pointed sentences and declamatory grandeur.
  • It is accompanied with tremendous outbursts of trumpets, and leads up to a furious declamatory duet with Othello.
  • In his recitatives the sound is continually in opposition to the sense, though they occasionally contain happy declamatory passages....
  • He elaborated the recitative or declamatory element in opera with great care, and insisted that his singers should make this the object of their most careful efforts.
  • The opera of "The Jewess" is pre-eminently spectacular, and its music is dramatic and declamatory rather than melodious.
  • Their mighty conflicts are declamatory and decorative but not so very bloody; they inflict more noise than pain upon their adversaries, they deliver many more words than blows.
  • Far from exaggerating the ills of which he wrote, or describing them in sensational and declamatory language, he treated them in a style that sometimes seemed almost cold in its reticence and freedom from passion.
  • The claims of pure literature, of philosophy, and of history were accorded too little attention, and the chief drill centered about the technique of declamatory prose.
  • Ted was working up into a fine declamatory vein, and would probably have continued to hold forth for some time had not Margaret indignantly interrupted him.

Definition of Declamatory

Having the quality of a declamation. | Pretentiously lofty in style; bombastic.
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