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How To Use Decoration In A Sentence?

  • The woman has a permanent decoration of the nature of the "switch" of the civilized woman.
  • A ceiling is a flat surface, hence all decoration placed upon it should be flat also.
  • To Michelangelo there was nothing so beautiful in decoration as the human form.
  • In the kindred art of Scandinavia we find similar decoration founded on serpentine forms.
  • Hugo, it seemed, had come back from Teheran with a decoration and the air of an ambassador.
  • The Union Jack went off with the body, like a floral decoration flung after....
  • The object to which the decoration is applied must determine the nature of the ornament to be employed.
  • It was probably put in this spot for the purposes of decoration and he picked the lock to prove himself right.
  • The memorial took the form of a decoration of the choir screen with a series of statues under canopies.
  • It is all right, because since then he has earned the decoration for other things, so that he does not mind.
  • Still proceeding eastward, the shops are various, and are all remarkable for their decoration and contents.
  • I have given what is a correct decoration for a plate and cup and saucer, but there are other methods of treatment than those just named.
  • It was an apartment the counterpart in size and decoration of the one occupied by the prince, across the courtyard.
  • Yet it must seem dull to hang stockings by a fireplace that needs fire merely as a decoration and never to have loved a sleigh!
  • Of mission architecture, when they had entered through the unlatched screen door they found decoration and furniture of the same mission style.
  • A word must now be said respecting the decoration of earthen vessels, but on this subject our remarks must be brief.
  • The trunks were hoisted off the car to the ground, and the gay decoration of the hotel labels attracted considerable attention.
  • This mode of decoration has this advantage, that it not only gives richness and beauty, but it also gives purity.
  • A ceiling may also have the joists or beams visible upon it: in this case the decoration would have to be of a very special character.
  • I was early and sat almost alone in the great golden room whose restraint in decoration suggests the primitive bareness of early days.
  • The chapel is very similar in style to the hall, and was built very shortly afterwards; it is at present defaced by bad decoration and fittings.
  • He had come fresh from his apprenticeship to that old pietist Perugino, to assist in the decoration of the cathedral library.
  • The artistic features of Celtic book decoration consist chiefly of initial letters of this nature embellished with color.
  • We sometimes see great follies, and even gross untruths, perpetrated with the view of bringing about the so-called decoration of a room.
  • They were strung close together on fine sinew, and were used, as Mapana showed me, as a fillet or decoration for the head.
  • I would simply part it in the middle, and avoid fringes, and bangs, and little curls, crimps, and other attempts at decoration in front.
  • The decoration of this restaurant is of the simplest but at the same time of the most effective kind, being of growing bamboos which form green canopies above the tables.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Decoration | Decoration Sentence

  • Now as to the decoration of a room.
  • Paint and decoration would do much to restore it.
  • The great permanent decoration of the Igorot is the tattoo.
  • I must confess that the inside Decoration of St.
  • A surface must never be divided for the purpose of decoration into halves.
  • This decoration varies in every bay, and is thought to be a later insertion.
  • The work of imitation, so far as decoration went, was not difficult.
  • England, Architectural Buildings in, 11; House Decoration in, 30, 31.

Definition of Decoration

The act of adorning, embellishing, or honoring; ornamentation. | That which adorns, enriches, or beautifies; something added by way of embellishment; ornament. | Specifically, any mark of honor to be worn upon the person, as a medal, cross, or ribbon of an order of knighthood, bestowed for services in war, great achievements in literature, art, etc.
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