Decorations In A Sentence

Definition of Decorations

plural of decoration

How To Use Decorations In A Sentence?

  • It pleased the fourteen-year-old and her friends because of the novelty in decorations and menu.
  • He was in full dress, with many decorations on his breast, and carried his sword.
  • There were no such gorgeous decorations here, as in the suite I had reluctantly occupied.
  • Building material of typography paper, types, ink, decorations and illustrations.
  • The gardens were ingeniously planned, and a thousand elegant decorations designed; but, alas!
  • Its decorations savoured of the Regency: its furniture was old-fashioned, without being antique.
  • What were the decorations to be seen at Baiae, when Pompeii was adorned so finely!
  • If the building is Italian, all its decorations and furniture should be Italian, and so on.
  • The many decorations and titular distinctions lavished on him show the high esteem in which he is held.
  • Other decorations and ornamentations were drawn upon the front and arms of the garment before she considered it quite complete.
  • I explained to her all the essential items needed and she gave me a freehand to purchase material and decorations for the tank.
  • But it is impossible to deny that the crazy decorations have added a touch of real colour to what had been a drab corner of the town.
  • All the toilet articles were ivory and the furniture white, with decorations of white lilies and silver.
  • How strange it is that in a church, where purity and truth are taught, the whole of the decorations should be a sham!
  • Such an inscription is so far biographical, and a similar spirit may extend to the decorations of the stele and walls of the tomb.
  • With three women at the table, he habitually took charge of the dinner, controlling the menu and the decorations as well.
  • There need be no decorations except the natural ones of the orchard; preparations may consist of raking out dead leaves and branches.
  • These were the sole decorations of the room, to which even the great turf fire that blazed on the hearth could not impart a look of comfort.
  • This is the usual Bontoc shield, but some few have meaningless straight-line decorations cut in the field.
  • Nothing remains of the original decorations except one carved chimney-piece, an emblazoned shield, and a frescoed portrait of the founder.
  • In these decorations can be traced the connection between the early Irish civilization and that of the eastern Mediterranean.
  • It is of great size, but made cheerful and attractive by pictures, flowers, and bright and tasteful decorations that are restful to the eyes.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Decorations | Decorations Sentence

  • The cover needs now only its decorations to be complete.
  • A couple of decorations hung at his button-hole.
  • The paint of the old decorations was cracked and faded.
  • Rank, titles and decorations belong to the same movement.
  • With decorations in line by Jesse Jacobs.
  • With decorations by Mary Sherwood Wright.
  • Illus. & decorations by J. J. Lankes.
  • Flags were unfurled and floral decorations lined the streets.
  • Her taste and invention in pleasures and decorations are singular.
  • There are also variations in the pediment decorations not less extraordinary.
  • We don't give orders or decorations or grants of money.
  • Kate found the effect of these decorations ironic, curiously depressing.
  • That is why the decorations of Watteau are the most wonderful in the world.
  • Orders of knighthood, medals, and decorations were conferred upon him.
  • The feminine decorations of the Avenue did not interest him.
  • Are but the solemn decorations all Of the great tomb of man.
  • Maybe Mrs. Brooks would have floral decorations at her bridge-party.
  • Midsummer night's dream; introductory story, decorations and il.

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