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  • This results in decreased cost.
  • The crew decreased every minute, but they struggled on yet.
  • Their intimacy seems to have decreased since they were married.
  • The supplies, especially of bacon and flour, decreased alarmingly.
  • The plane's momentum decreased and she stopped with a slight jar.

How To Use Decreased In A Sentence?

  • Formerly it was noted for its perch, but for some time they appear to have decreased in numbers.
  • The depth of water decreased to 40 fathoms, afterwards we had no ground with 60.
  • Again in 1855 it nearly suffered a similar fate with a decreased though very large loss of life.
  • In four years after my cows began to get shot, my cattle decreased more than half.
  • They decreased rapidly from a hundred to fifty, and then to twenty-five, and then to less.
  • At last her horse had had enough, and his gallop decreased to a trot, his trot to a walk.
  • The population of Chinatown had somewhat decreased since the Exclusion act was passed.
  • Little by little I decreased the distance until, at last, I was only a few lengths behind them.
  • It has been observed that as the recent mortality from consumption has decreased cancerous diseases have become more frequently fatal.
  • Both observations in this test show that the amount of current entering and emerging from the line decreased as the inductance increased.
  • There was also a change in the position of the fathers, which decreased their opportunity for providing for their unmarried daughters.
  • Nathan made a desperate effort and broke into a staggering run, which somewhat decreased the distance.
  • The proportion of corn meal can likewise be increased and simultaneously the amount of bran decreased until the ducklings are on a fattening ration.
  • A glance at the location chart and its two tiny lights told him that the intervening distance had been decreased to about half a mile.
  • But it was not merely the decreased chance of marriage which made the lives of middle-class women difficult in the last century.
  • As these carriers decreased the number of cases infected by them would also decrease and so account for a gradually declining death rate.
  • His uneasiness was not decreased by a bit of unpremeditated eavesdropping that fell in his way the next evening....
  • Activity did not vary significantly with depth of snow until snow was more than 8 inches deep, when activity decreased abruptly.
  • Radius of action is decreased or increased accordingly with resultant restrictions, or otherwise, on freedom of action.
  • It was only a small bit of ground, and a good way from the market, which decreased its value exceedingly.
  • He next perceived that their velocity increased as they approached the Sun, and decreased as they receded from him.
  • Since that date the proportion has decreased steadily until in 1896-97 it was only eleven per cent., and for 1897-98 it was even less than this.
  • On the other hand, it is interesting to note that the proportion in Germany decreased from about 58 per cent.
  • Between 1945 and 1960, the last census of which any record remains, the population decreased from ninety millions to less than twelve millions.
  • If the room temperature increases above 32oC, it should be decreased by hanging wet sacks around the place.
  • The present rate of duty should be decreased to 55 per cent on imported hats having a foreign value of $9.50 or more per dozen.
  • Lance saw a few patrols of enemy scouts; he clung to the clouds, decreased his speed, and began circling over the heart of the metropolis itself.
  • Another severe shock occurred in November, 1846, but from that date they have decreased both in number and intensity.
  • Nor was her satisfaction decreased when the first person they came across chanced to be no other than Mrs. Willoughby.
  • The war between Austria and Italy in 1866 decreased the suicide rate of each country about fourteen per cent.
  • I must make you understand that my emotional attachment to you was not increased nor decreased by the fact that my physical actions were directed at you.
  • There probably has been a greater waste of fat than of any other commodity, but it is encouraging to note that this waste has been decreased by conservation.
  • At midnight Lloyd took the temperature (which had decreased considerably) and the pulse, and refilled the ice-pack about the head.
  • In the State of Massachusetts, where accurate statistics were kept, the number of suicides decreased seventeen per cent.
  • After a distance of twenty miles the height gradually decreased until within a distance of another fifty miles the ice sank to the level of the water.

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simple past tense and past participle of decrease
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