Decree In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Decree | Decree Sentence

  • Tis a decree determinde.
  • Thus did he decree and order.
  • The decree is put in force.
  • The operations of this decree have been peculiar.
  • The decree was accordingly reversed.
  • Let her sign that decree if she dares!
  • Such a decree never existed.
  • The decree has gone forth.
  • I thus elude the decree of the senate.
  • The boy accepted her decree under protest.
  • Honesty issued a decree of impartial justice.
  • He had proclaimed the decree throughout the county.
  • Have you read the decree concerning hostages?
  • Such had been the decree of the kind old philosopher.
  • The decree was voted in the midst of tumult.
  • This latter decree was posted everywhere.
  • He will have mercy and will decree thy fate.
  • One would think the decree very flattering to the nation!
  • I must obey the decree which has gone forth.
  • This the king can do, by the decree which is expected.
  • Thy harsh decree has much estranged the nation.
  • The king immediately caused the decree to be prepared.
  • A decree for his arrest was resolved upon by acclamation.
  • She never imagined he would take her decree calmly.
  • By me kings reign, and princes decree justice.
  • Such is the decree of the magistracy of the Cadmaeans.
  • Oxford University, decree of.
  • The decree was dated August 9.
  • Here, as elsewhere, women interpreted the decree of fate.
  • Synodal decree of Ancyra, 171.
  • The decree deals with the alleged discoveries in Jerusalem.
  • It is no accident, no arbitrary decree of Providence.
  • Nevertheless, the decree hit Livingston pretty hard.
  • Then for Marduk, their avenger, did they decree destiny.
  • A decree went out from Caesar Augustus.

How To Use Decree In A Sentence?

  • His Milan decree against English commerce.
  • Each decree had the effect of an Act of Parliament.
  • To this decree Sten Sture reluctantly affixed his seal.
  • A decree of Clotaire II.
  • In the decree of 16 Vendemiere an II.

Definition of Decree

To command by a decree. | An edict or law. | (law) The judicial decision in a litigated cause rendered by a court of equity.
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