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  • Shall we decry progress or change?
  • And some decry it in a knowing tone.
  • Nevertheless, let us not decry science.
  • I am not one of those who decry singing in foreign languages.
  • But it is scarcely fair to decry a flower because of its scent in decay.
  • They are pretty festivals on the whole, although we affect to decry them.
  • They decry their most luxurious entertainments, to win a shower of approval.

How To Use Decry In A Sentence?

  • It is far from being intended here to disparage the offering or decry its acceptance.
  • It has become a fashion of late to decry the manners and morals of the republics of antiquity.
  • Fox-hunting is a great sport, but it is as foolish to make a fetish of it as it is to decry it.
  • I suspect that the reason why the fairer sex decry thee is, that thou art the cause of silence.
  • Not that we wish to decry England; on the contrary, we would like to return there.
  • But Europe, within a month, will decry him, as a fugitive, a fool, and a dastard.
  • Until this erroneous belief is abandoned it is idle for a teacher to decry the use of local effort.
  • When the transatlantic achievement was announced at the end of 1901, there was a tendency in some quarters to decry the whole system.
  • But alas! all alike have come under the ban of those who decry reading for recreation's sake.
  • I am far indeed from wishing to decry art, the study of art, or the benefits to be derived from its intelligent enjoyment.
  • Now there are some, and they are many, who would decry the discussion of such a thing as doubt, for they see only danger ahead.
  • From this he proceeded to decry over-wrought sentiment in favor of criminals: Germs of maudlin sentimentality are widespread.
  • I hope it will not be concluded, from this specimen of academick life, that I have attempted to decry our universities.
  • He was too honest to decry in another much which he knew would not measure up to Golden Rule standards in himself.
  • Every where do they decry it, because they truly fear that it will destroy their empire by discovering their conspiracies and the futility of their fables.
  • There are those who decry independence in women, but surely only such must come from those whose nature is largely composed of hectoring selfishness.
  • They imitated the ways of their opponents, and as these sought to decry their ancestors by malicious invention, so they contrived to invest them with fictitious greatness.
  • Yet his heart was heavy and his thoughts in wildest turmoil; for he loved this woman and she had paled and showed the intensest emotion at the mention of a man whom he had heard decry her.
  • It seems to be the fashion to decry that mode of publication; but there will always be books that can be published on no other terms, unless at the cost and risk of the author.
  • I am sure, that no man ever will decry wit, but he who despairs of it himself; and who has no other quarrel to it, but that which the fox had to the grapes.
  • Believing that to decry war and praise peace without offering some plan by which the present situation may be changed is superficial, we hasten to propose something practicable.
  • At the same time, while there is an inclination to decry perhaps too strenuously the condition of the modern stage, it is fair to credit it with a measure of amendment in regard both to rant and gag.
  • In order to increase our respect for the bible, it became necessary for the priests to exalt and extol that book, and at the same time to decry and belittle the reasoning powers of man.
  • And when no catastrophe follows, the prophet, for the honour of the profession, must decry her as cunning beyond aught yet revealed of a serpent sex.

Definition of Decry

(transitive) To denounce as harmful. | (transitive) To blame for ills.
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