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  • I will be there for the dedication on the 26th.
  • His dedication is also omitted.
  • For thy dedication feast!
  • The dedication involves the prohibition.
  • A more equivocal sort of dedication also prevailed.
  • I knew the poems, but the dedication was new to me.
  • The dedication I pencilled off months ago.
  • The dedication of Abernethy is to S. Brigid or Bride.
  • The programme for the dedication was in keeping with the occasion.
  • The dedication of a certain dialogue affords an instance in point.
  • A Dedication To Gavin Hamilton, Esq.
  • A good dedication was still a feather in the patron's cap.
  • I shall now endeavour to explain the symbolism and dedication of the Rose.
  • The dedication of this statue took place about 880 B.c.
  • The dedication lay on top and handy, so by and by I unconsciously stole it.
  • The dedication occurred on July 4, 1856, and was an imposing ceremony.
  • I should still like the Dedication simply, as I said in my last.
  • The dedication was printed in American Railroad dialect of Morse.
  • The Mussulman Paradise. Dedication of a Poem from the Sanskrit.
  • The spell of your dedication hasn't fastened me up in an oak for ever.
  • The dedication was to S. Cathan or Cattanus, bishop, May 17, 710.

How To Use Dedication In A Sentence?

  • Pentecost was but its initial manifestation to men and its dedication for service.
  • It is the result of the dedication of many beautiful lives to a beautiful cause.
  • Nor is the dedication of the first Abbey less involved in mystery than the founding of it.
  • The sacred fountains of antiquity were perpetuated in a Christian form by dedication to a saint.
  • The new church was dedicated by Autbert himself, and the day of the dedication (xvii.
  • X. Dedication of the Life of Donne and Advertisement to the Reader.
  • The very sternness of the philosopher's task is due to his supreme dedication to truth.
  • At the dedication the national flags of the two political parties were removed from the streets and with them the statue was draped.
  • This sonnet to the poet's wife was prefixed as a dedication to his first volume of poems.
  • Then fall they to banquetting and feasting, to leaping and dancing about it, as heathen people did at the dedication of their idols.
  • It is probable that the tract was copied for the author, but that he himself wrote the dedication to the King.
  • Note the old altar stone in the floor of the chancel, also on the exterior north wall a dedication cross in flints.
  • This is observable in the case of churches which from their dedication or other reasons may be pronounced of Saxon foundation.
  • His excitement and dedication to the task were inspiring, pulling me into his over-the-top-and-damn-the-torpedoes mode of being.
  • The dedication took place in accordance with the provisions of certain constitutions which had been drawn up at a council held in London.
  • I was soon set at rest, for the dedication was to a young woman of whom I had often heard him speak.
  • I only must stipulate to take no other reward for the dedication to your wife than the kiss which I am to receive in London.
  • His dedication of one of his most pronounced books, 'Consilium quorundam Episcop.
  • Solomon's dream after the dedication service provides another occasion for pointing to the Jewish disaster of the historian's day.

Definition of Dedication

(uncountable) The act of dedicating or the state of being dedicated. | (countable) A note addressed to a patron or friend, prefixed to a work of art as a token of respect, esteem, or affection. | (countable) A ceremony marking an official completion or opening.
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