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  • I could no longer deem him a madman.
  • All shall be as you deem best for your own happiness.
  • For why did he deem things alien to be his own concern?
  • What shall I deem their converse?
  • Yet I will deem them happy who had none.
  • The Eastman spake: "I deem it nowise such," saith he.
  • It is there where ye deem it not, and where ye have no desire to seek it.
  • What are popes, kings, princes, and potentates, to me who deem all men equal?
  • I deem him a bore," said my Lady, snappishly.
  • Will he trust the "charmer" in after years, And deem he is more than man?
  • What deem ye, ween ye that Sir Tristram is not able to withstand your malice?
  • IPHIGENIA Thy wish doth make thee deem it possible.
  • Yet I deem that I ought to tell of the deaths of Enjolras and Gavroche.

How To Use Deem In A Sentence?

  • There was that in her voice which caused him to deem it advisable to take her at her word.
  • I deem it very important to the well being of my children to insure them a home.
  • Let not any deem it superfluous thus to point out the errors of an illustrious writer.
  • This is to be employed at your risk, and in the place and manner you may deem best.
  • You may deem me boastful if I have to set forth my qualifications; but what can I do?
  • Place on His skiey forehead heaven's eye, Not less 'twould deem itself in its own sky.
  • However right men may be when they call me atheist, they are not so when they deem me an unbeliever.
  • But do thou look around and reflect, and never for a moment deem pertinacity better than discretion.
  • A competent military assistant would be provided, and continued under him as long as he should deem his services essential.
  • You would not like to exert any influence opposed to the parental, however injudicious you might deem that to be.
  • We only admit to our society those whom we deem worthy of our acquaintance, and from whose intercourse we are likely to derive benefit.
  • You would consort with the basest criminals, and yet deem simple embezzlement a bar to friendly intercourse.
  • The best usage is to deem that the primary saline compound, which contains a single proportional of acid and base.
  • If the detective only knew what was going on at home, how much the more would he deem the missing quartermaster a suspicious character.
  • Frank did not deem it necessary to tell the other that he held a lieutenancy in the British royal navy.
  • The witness commenced his story again, repeating everything he had said before; and the squire did not deem it prudent to interrupt him again.
  • They are like other species with which we deem ourselves well acquainted, but which suddenly appear in some quite unlooked-for time or place.
  • I cannot have my hands tied by any conditions which would hinder me from pursuing the measures which I deem best for the public good.
  • In view of all the facts and circumstances connected with this matter, I deem further comments and explanations unnecessary on my part.
  • It would bring thee the greatest ill-chance shouldst thou slay thy kinsman, for in such case all men would deem him blameless.
  • So the Queen bade him farewell, saying that wheresoever he might chance to tarry there would all deem him a man of prowess.
  • In that case his denial of knowledge is understood to be only a courteous statement that he does not deem it discreet to name the port of destination.
  • The latter is in so many ways elucidative and illuminative of the former, outwardly and inwardly, that I deem it well to give it first.
  • Should you deem it expedient to suppress my letter, you may do it and say as much as you think fit on my part in the nature of a communication through you.
  • The Executive Committee shall hold a meeting at least once in each month, and as much oftener as they may deem expedient.
  • Moreover, when they offered him aught else to eat or drink he refused it; for while he had his apple he did not deem any other food worthy to be tasted.
  • They may thus lease their lands or loan their money during their minority, and may do all other acts which the court may deem for the benefit of the ward.

Definition of Deem

(transitive, obsolete) To judge, to pass judgment on; to doom, to sentence. | (transitive, obsolete) To adjudge, to decree. | (transitive, obsolete) To dispense (justice); to administer (law).
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