Deemed in a sentence

Definition of Deemed

An accreditation awarded to higher educational institutions in India. | simple past tense and past participle of deem

How to use Deemed in a Sentence?

  • Until lately she had not deemed herself worthy to mate with so exalted a personage as her lover.
  • He always deemed an infraction of the game-laws as one of the gravest crimes in the statute.
  • This said she secretly unto her sister nun, nor deemed she her words overheard of any.
  • Because of the stars he called no man a fool, except such as deemed himself wiser than the rest.
  • Had he not possessed this blemish, Nelligan would have deemed him nearly faultless.
  • Beyond this figure, it is deemed advisable to instal a small engine, say of 7-9 horse-power.
  • What his own age reproved, and deemed a crime, Hath been ennobled now by death and time.
  • Be it so," said he; "I deemed my friendship for you worth more than three hundred pounds.
  • Section V. The foregoing treatise may be deemed inconsistent with gratitude to God.
  • Yet Lord Clare had deemed him dangerous enough to justify expulsion from Alma Mater.
  • It was inspired by the thought of how easy it would be to shoot the heart out of the man he deemed his rival.
  • It had been deemed advisable for the undersea craft to go some distance from land and then run south submerged.
  • The truth was she was simply showing out her nature, which she had deemed it prudent heretofore to conceal.
  • And the saint deemed right to impart the spiritual and eternal food unto those who had prepared for him the food which was perishing and earthly.
  • His presence was not in harmony with any thought that occupied her, and she deemed the task of admitting him something like an infliction.
  • They had opened their most sumptuous apartments to vulgar company, and made guests of those they deemed inferior to their own domestics.
  • And the actions performed during this march would be deemed absolutely fabulous, were they not recorded on authority which cannot be doubted.
  • I have deemed it fitting to add it here, so that the readers of this history may thus he informed of the present condition of this province.
  • For the reasons indicated it has been deemed better to omit the pages alluded to, merely giving a few words of the commencement of each.
  • From all which, whatsoever we could meet most worthy of belief, have we deemed right to transmit in this our work unto after-times.
  • Strangely enough, none of them deemed the proposition beneath Khinjan men's consideration.
  • Lord Clare was more troubled, when he learned these things, than his enemies would have deemed possible.
  • Gerome's wardrobe being even less presentable, I deemed it prudent to leave him behind.
  • Chigi, over-confident in the superiority of his own attractions, had not at first deemed it necessary to send Raphael away.
  • But what the man of God beheld of them in the Spirit, deemed he that should not be concealed in silence.
  • Mrs. Yorke was, in her way, devoted to her daughter, and had a definite and what she deemed an exalted ambition for her.
  • He has many other allegorical extravagancies in his writings, and is not deemed the most respectable of the Fathers of the present Church.
  • I deemed this an important discovery, for I fully intended, at the first convenient opportunity, to explore the library.
  • To illustrate the justness of the remark just made, we shall select that solution of the difficulty in question which has been deemed the most profound and satisfactory.
  • Had he lived in a remote age or country, the wonderful facts which occurred in his practise would now have been deemed either mythical or miraculous.
  • So much for my second attempt at matrimony; one would suppose that such experience should be deemed sufficient to show that my talent did not lie in that way.

Short Example Sentence for Deemed

  • Would his coming be deemed an impertinence?
  • The chance he had deemed too good to miss.
  • She never rose from what she deemed her bridal bed.
  • Who deemed it were not well to pass life thus.
  • A request from her was deemed a great compliment by its recipient.
  • The foregoing treatise may be deemed inconsistent with gratitude to God.
  • Bulgaria, deemed friendly, though venal, openly goes over to the enemy.
  • Things deemed impossible perform, Bestow, resume, ordain, annul.

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