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  • It deepens toward the middle.
  • Nothing so deepens and develops character as suffering.
  • If so, it broadens and deepens its modern application.
  • The sky from a dull blue deepens into violet in the west.
  • The cloud deepens on his haggard, handsome face.
  • The sand dunes narrow and the river deepens a little every year.
  • She turns chatty, and her chat insensibly deepens into conversation.
  • The glimmer-smile deepens a little, and she draws him towards the fire.
  • Twilight falls; a flush of soft violet color deepens the sky.
  • As the darkness deepens o'er us, Lo!

How To Use Deepens In A Sentence?

  • And the dislike deepens if it is a house which he favors and not merely individuals.
  • And the dislike deepens if it is a house which he favours and not merely individuals.
  • Then comes violet for the plains, while the mountains are rose that deepens into crimson.
  • In the first seven lines the tone glows with the love radiance and the orange deepens toward red.
  • Again a scream, and a ruddy light flashes from our prow and deepens the shades around us.
  • As dusk deepens and draws to dark, they run and call less, and soon all is still.
  • The only obstacle is the valley of the Clignon, which deepens rapidly toward the west.
  • All heaven bursts her starry floors, And strows her lights below, And deepens on and up!
  • Really active souls have many confirmations and repudiations as their life deepens and their knowledge widens.
  • It is a gloomy picture from the beginning to the end, and the gloom deepens as time rolls over her devoted head.
  • The plot is deftly planned, and not only soon arouses interest, but broadens and deepens it until the close.
  • The presence of indol is indicated by the appearance of a delicate rose-pink colour throughout the mixture which deepens slightly on standing.
  • The radiance spreads itself and deepens upon the sky, describing a large luminous circle of wan and white light.
  • There was nothing but evil to be found here, nothing but bitter disappointment, nothing but the pain which deepens into anguish.
  • The tone simply deepens and glows in the last two lines, as a prayerful ecstasy possesses the one who reads.
  • There can be no question that the interest of Naples deepens as one goes through the ancient quarter in the direction of the east.
  • It deepens as it extends backwards for two-thirds its length, stops at an angle, and then the depth diminishes to the articulation with the skull.
  • Time walks beside us and flings back shutters as we advance; but the light thus given often dazzles us, and deepens the darkness which is in front.
  • The golden blonde gradually deepens in color as time passes on; she has usually gray-green or hazel eyes, and a warm, rosy skin.
  • I always tell Robert that his patriotism grows and deepens in exact proportion as he goes away from England.
  • Imagination supplements and deepens observation; only when it turns into the fanciful does it become a substitute for observation and lose logical force.
  • This feeling (and, oh! at times it is one of delirious and vague delight, at others of the darkest gloom) deepens with me day by day.
  • When a given specimen is about to divide, it is seen to elongate slightly, then a constriction is formed, which deepens until complete fission ensues.
  • There is nothing in the world that broadens and deepens the significance of life like intimate contact with suffering, if not in person, then in those who are near and dear to us.
  • From its narrow source it deepens and widens until toward the end of its course it becomes an estuary, and for many miles dwellers on one side can dimly distinguish the contour of the opposite shore.

Definition of Deepens

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of deepen
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