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How To Use Deeper In A Sentence?

  • Deeper and deeper into the wood they went, where the children had never been before.
  • There was a deeper melancholy in her voice, and he thought how tired and ill she looked.
  • He hurried along it, piercing deeper and deeper into the dark recesses of the wood.
  • I said these words he gave another groan, deeper and more melancholy like than before.
  • The violet holds the blue, but also that deeper soul by the blue alone made visible.
  • As his eye glanced over the single page of disguised writing, a deeper frown grew on his brow.
  • Two works by which he will be permanently remembered show a deeper and more effective Lowell.
  • Day by day the marvellous gardens of Buitenzorg take deeper hold of mind and imagination.
  • Deeper and deeper night is round me sinking; Only within me shines a radiant light.
  • It occurred to him suddenly with a shock that she was deeper, far deeper than he had ever suspected.
  • My teaching and training enabled me to see deeper into these tragedies than an ignorant person could have done.
  • Three or four years' effort to repair his fallen fortunes only plunged him deeper in debt.
  • Malay idiosyncracy evidences the survival of many primal influences forgotten or denied by races of higher type and deeper culture.
  • We glory in a clear blue sky overhead, and we speak of the sky as increasing in beauty as it becomes deeper and deeper in tint.
  • Just at that instant we heard from the staircase the firm voice of the Canoness, only it sounded somewhat deeper than usual.
  • Her disappointment went deeper than this, for it had its source in the stories she had heard of Vetch that sounded original and dramatic.
  • The girl had something deeper than charm, reflected the older woman; she had determination and endurance, the essentials of character.
  • Keith told him why he had come, and Dave listened with tightened lips and eyes in which the flame burned deeper and deeper.
  • But it should be observed that natural necessity, or co-action, reaches no deeper than the external conduct; and can excuse for nothing else.
  • My passion for Bianca gained daily more force from absence; by constant meditation it wore itself a deeper and deeper channel.
  • The only thing which remained as he had left it was the stream of salt water that had cut a deeper channel for itself but had not diminished in volume.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Deeper | Deeper Sentence

  • It was something deeper than that.
  • I have a deeper insight than thyself.
  • But her son was of a deeper nature.
  • I read you deeper than you think as to that feature.
  • Above the violets her eyes were a deeper blue.
  • But deeper than these lay another motive.
  • Fate had brought him care of a deeper and sadder kind.
  • His burning eyes seemed deeper than ever.
  • Ay, if one did not take a somewhat deeper view!
  • Then she planted her feet still deeper in the sand and bawled at him.
  • What you have said has made a deeper impression upon me than you suppose.
  • But as she got deeper into the forest, she walked more slowly.
  • Was it natural ingenuousness, or did the girl have a deeper motive?
  • Here the surplus water had gathered, growing deeper every minute.
  • But all the time she questioned him deeper with eyes large, wistful, eager.
  • The cloud had gathered deeper on Bluffy's brow.
  • There was neither fear nor pain in them, only a pity deeper than the Pit.
  • But, after all, I suppose the question goes deeper than that?
  • The commiseration in Mr. Rimmon's pale face grew deeper and deeper.

Definition of Deeper

comparative form of deep: more deep
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