Defacing In A Sentence

Definition of Defacing

present participle of deface | defacement

How To Use Defacing In A Sentence?

  • She gave it to Alida, and the girl gravely shaded herself with it from the defacing sun.
  • The principal figures represent Fame preventing Time from defacing his military honours.
  • There seems to have been an attempt to disguise the transaction by tearing off the bindings and defacing the coats of arms.
  • Some months later the King sent orders that Beverley be tried for defacing the records and that he be once more deprived of all offices.
  • One day Mary, being, according to her usual custom, idle, amused herself with tearing and defacing her books.
  • There are many rocks of the same description, with carvings of animals, snakes, and figures on them, and from their position they have been preserved from animals defacing them.

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