Defect In A Sentence

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  • Extraordinary defect of comprehension!
  • And this defect is crucial.
  • How is the defect remedied?
  • Fine by defect and delicately weak.
  • It was almost as if such a defect were a deformity.
  • That was the fatal defect in their system.
  • But you need have no defect in refinement.
  • It appears that there is a defect in the text here.
  • But this little defect did not worry him.
  • To do so is but to exaggerate the defect in each case.
  • He wondered why the defect had not been repaired.
  • Why the defect in their articulation of words?
  • This was the defect which the owner had repaired.
  • It is invariably a defect of some sort.
  • I discovered the defect by accident.
  • The remedy for a widespread defect was found.
  • Other qualities may compensate for any defect here.
  • It is no defect in the sun if all do not enjoy his beams.
  • It is a radical defect which should prevent friendship.
  • This defect may also be hereditary.
  • His defect is a purely personal matter.
  • A few such shoeings sees the defect remedied.
  • In spite of this defect the picture has power.
  • In the machine under notice this defect is remedied.
  • The leading defect of the confederation was its weakness.
  • We may err by defect as well as by excess.
  • John waited with the fear of defect in his ideal man.
  • The other defect in the system, is its uniformity.
  • This defect arises chiefly from old forgeries.
  • The defect is not in language, but in men.
  • Asceticism, defect of, 317.
  • The greatest defect among the men is the want of calf.
  • His one outstanding defect was an entirely closed eye.
  • So every defect of the mind may have a special receipt.
  • This is a defect in art perhaps, but a very charming one.

How To Use Defect In A Sentence?

  • American defect in, and cause of it, 137.
  • This, for example, is precisely the defect of materialism.
  • But it had a defect which I had overlooked.
  • This defect of grade is shown in Fig.
  • It is the only defect I am aware of in her character.

Definition of Defect

(intransitive) To abandon or turn against; to cease or change one's loyalty, especially from a military organisation or political party. | (military) To desert one's army, to flee from combat. | (military) To join the enemy army.
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