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How To Use Defective In A Sentence?

  • Here was a man who had lost both legs in a defective machine he was running in a factory.
  • Furthermore, very remarkable schools have been opened for defective and over-nervous children.
  • Naturally there must be, in all factories, some defective rubber of this grade.
  • As a consequence, consignments of rubber are often marred by the inclusion of defective specimens.
  • When persons have defective teeth, they can often be saved, by having them filled by a dentist.
  • The blood may be made impure, by the chyle being deficient in quantity or defective in quality.
  • But Jeffrey had defective vision in his left eye and wore spectacles constantly.
  • In cases of anasarca, the skin, kidneys, and bowels are very defective in their operation.
  • Hearing may be rendered defective by a diminution of the vibratory character of the membrana tympani.
  • Were this attended to by the parent or instructor, we should not see so many persons with defective vision.
  • Provincialism in time is as fatal to judgment as the more notorious sort, and a defective sense of proportion is at the root of both.
  • If this organ is defective in these particulars, the movements will be inefficient, and may be irregular.
  • The person or entity that provided you with the defective work may elect to provide a replacement copy in lieu of a refund.
  • The argument which applies to defective counts, applies to valid counts on which erroneous findings are entered up.
  • Sometimes it happened that a first-rate robber was arrested and brought to trial, but from defective evidence escaped.
  • Such a revelation came once in a way which, while creditable to her heart, was defective in another direction.
  • The person or entity that provided you with the defective work may elect to provide a replacement copy in lieu of a refund.
  • This very cause belongs to a defective formation that we cannot change, it is true, but the effects of which we can always modify.
  • But if he has eyesight sufficient to enable him to write out and sign a will, mere defective vision will not lead him to muddle the provisions.
  • Any appreciable deterioration may be attributed to defective preparation or external causes, such as accidental damage by water.
  • As to the first class it might be explained that through defective rolling, thick ends or edges may be caused.
  • But this secular, prudential morality, is as precarious in its practical influence as it is defective in its radical principle.
  • A prevailing idea though over-cultivation exhausts its organic correlate, and leads to defective nutrition of that part in the offspring.
  • And now, on this triumphant evening, he was conscious of a sudden sense of defective information, which was disagreeable and damping.
  • The single eye-glass was originally worn by people whose eyes were different, in order to remedy the defective one.
  • Mark that these figures represent the maximum of what a house costs in England to-day, being given the defective organization of our societies.
  • We did, however, deprive ourselves by this loan of an argument to prove the defective neutrality of the United States.
  • Our very defective knowledge of the languages of the eight-class tribes makes it possible that when we know more of them other root words may be discovered.
  • Suffice it to say, that what you have seen praiseworthy in others you should carefully imitate; and what in them may have appeared defective you should in yourselves amend.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Defective | Defective Sentence

  • The book is said to be defective in story.
  • Lucien pleaded a defective memory and excused himself.
  • Children who were defective in any way were put to death.
  • How can defective vision in a great degree be prevented?
  • The first is, defective secretion of the coloring fluid.
  • These, again, arise from defective mixing.
  • The original is defective here, and these readings are conjectural.
  • The original is defective here, and this reading is only conjectural.
  • I driven back by the doubly painful experience of my defective hearing!
  • No; a plan so defective has not proceeded from the Divine Mind.
  • The defective in speech, by Mildred Freburg Berry & Jon Eisenson.

Definition of Defective

Having one or more defects. | (grammar, of a lexeme, especially a verb) Lacking some forms; e.g., having only one tense or being usable only in the third person. | (Arabic grammar, of a verb) Having a root whose final consonant is weak (ي, و, or ء).
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