Defend Themselves In A Sentence

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  • They can defend themselves.
  • Communities will fight to defend themselves.
  • How can the poor defend themselves against the rich?
  • They would have to defend themselves if it came to a fight.
  • They could neither retreat nor defend themselves.
  • The Delawares prepared to defend themselves.
  • Then the Ponca would make ready to defend themselves.
  • We don't like people who can defend themselves.
  • Private persons may be attacked and have no power to defend themselves.
  • At the same moment the rest seized chairs or logs or bars to defend themselves.
  • The astounded Shawnees had little chance to defend themselves.
  • Turquiette, Penellan, and Louis prepared to defend themselves.

How To Use Defend Themselves In A Sentence?

  • Monro replied simply that he and his soldiers would defend themselves till the last.
  • Each of them girded on a sword, to defend themselves against the perils of the way.
  • He will not allow men to defend themselves by an appeal to one-sided or abstract principles.
  • Women defend themselves by attacking, just as they attack by sudden and strange surrenders.
  • There they stored an abundant supply of grain, and prepared to defend themselves.
  • Alert, and ready to defend themselves, they advanced carefully toward the timber.
  • Elizabeth and Cecil tried to defend themselves upon four grounds; but they were all alike weak.
  • These nations formed the league of the Northern Confederacy, to defend themselves.
  • The B-17 bombers, however, were heavily armed and could defend themselves fairly well.
  • They were attacked by the natives, and had constantly to form themselves into laager to defend themselves.
  • The trouble with them is that they are just a little too good, and when attacked defend themselves with asperity.
  • There were only three revolvers on board the schooner, and with these the crew prepared to defend themselves.
  • But they felt strong in the goodness of their cause, and prepared to defend themselves to the death.
  • Disappointed, they began to make preparations to defend themselves against the troops which were gathering on their frontiers.
  • It is the practice of governments to keep their respective countries prepared to defend themselves against foreign enemies.
  • As they thought this was true, there was nothing left for them to do but to take up arms and defend themselves.
  • They built their houses elevated upon lofty posts to defend themselves from the attacks of their enemies.
  • If this is done by order of the syndics and fiscals, let them defend themselves against the judges in what way they can.
  • Early in the battle he had fled from the field, leaving his men to defend themselves as best they could.
  • His tragic death warned them to withdraw at once from the fields, and defend themselves within the farm-house.
  • It verged upon peonage to tie them up with an agreement that gave them no protection yet deprived them of the right to defend themselves.
  • There are obstinate and unknown braves who defend themselves inch by inch in the shadows against the fatal invasion of want and turpitude.
  • His three enemies were lying before him unable to defend themselves, and it was a fine opportunity to execute vengeance upon them.
  • These negroes were well apprised of this custom, and took great precaution to arm and defend themselves if they were attacked.
  • Without thinking that they had nothing to defend themselves with, should the bear turn and attack them, the boys gave chase.
  • To such an extent was this carried, that memorials reached me begging my interference, as the memorialists could not now defend themselves.
  • Wherefore, when any such token was seen, then all manner of men made ready to defend themselves from the enemy that approached.
  • With the Reds mobilizing their forces, we cannot blame her neighbors for preparing to defend themselves.

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