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How To Use Defendant In A Sentence?

  • In respect to the consequences to the defendant if the case goes against him?
  • What is the result to the defendant in the latter case, if the decision is against him?
  • The disposition of property by the defendant may also be restrained by injunction.
  • Three of these he had withdrawn, and upon the fourth the defendant had been acquitted.
  • The defendant town admitted that it was by law required to keep the highway in repair.
  • Panna impatiently motioned to him to keep silent, for the defendant was continuing his story.
  • If no witnesses are forthcoming, the defendant has only to take an oath, and is then acquitted.
  • The defendant may obtain a divorce for the causes as above stated, by filing a cross petition.
  • The defendant would have certainly sustained an injury in that case; Where is the remedy?
  • All these circumstances went far to prove that the defendant had met with considerably more or less than justice.
  • The question before you was, whether between this woman and the defendant there had been a binding contract of marriage.
  • And do you think it reasonable for me to stand defendant to all the impertinent questions, that the town can ask me?
  • A defendant has a legal right to require that the plaintiffs demand against him should be proved and proceeded with according to law.
  • None of the family or friends of the defendant underestimated the impression created by the array of facts marshalled by the district attorney.
  • It would be curious to know what punishment he would have awarded if the defendant had been previously convicted on a similar charge.
  • Trifling disturbances sometimes brought the plaintiff and defendant to the front gate, for final judgment at the hands of their beloved keeper.
  • His lawyer expected that the defendant would interpose the defense that the plans were inferior, defective, or worthless.
  • In cases of complaints, the defendant only has the right to take an oath, whereas the complainant must produce witnesses.
  • If, before judgment upon an indictment, the defendant marry the woman thus seduced, it is a bar to any further prosecution for the offense.
  • I, therefore, visited the defendant and offered to give him a policy for ten dollars, in spite of the fact that he was already in jail.
  • Charged with impersonation at a municipal election a defendant told the Carlisle Bench that it was only a frolic.
  • At the announcement that Abraham was ready to give his testimony on oath, the tribunal formally cited the defendant to appear before them.
  • If the defendant is to have the aid of counsel, can my employment be any more objectionable than the employment of one who is an enemy of the law?
  • It is to be feared that the defendant may be in possession of some better and more direct evidence on this point than is attainable by the lessor of the plaintiff.
  • Asked by the Wood Green magistrates for the names of his six children, a defendant said that he did not know them.
  • In New York the right of having the defendant arrested in certain classes of civil cases is a matter of statute.
  • And yet this is the woman whose testimony some of you have received with absolute verity, while rejecting the testimony of the defendant as of no value in comparison with it.
  • The Christian defendant finished by becoming bankrupt, and I lost a terribly large sum in debt and costs.
  • In consideration of all these things, and also because of the irreproachable conduct of the defendant for so many years of active service, he moved for his acquittal.
  • The affidavit then went on to state that the defendant had given the plaintiff good grounds for seeking for a divorce and that she was without means to engage counsel or prepare for trial.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Defendant | Defendant Sentence

  • The defendant says he has no money.
  • The court wanted to know how the defendant would plead.
  • If the defendant could swallow this piece he went acquit.
  • The defendant himself perceived that his position was hopeless.
  • Cheetham was at the moment a defendant in nine or ten cases for libel.
  • What is the result to the defendant in the former case, if he is convicted?
  • The defendant and his friend walked away together in painful silence.
  • The chairman said defendant had sold goods to the value of 11s, 1-1/2d.
  • By way of defence the defendant alleged that Mr. Danger was present.
  • The United States of America was the plaintiff, the defendant Mr. Neidorf.

Definition of Defendant

Serving, or suitable, for defense; defensive. | (law) In civil proceedings, the party responding to the complaint; one who is sued and called upon to make satisfaction for a wrong complained of by another. | (law) In criminal proceedings, the accused.
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