Defenseless In A Sentence

Definition of Defenseless

Lacking any form of defense; vulnerable; open to attack.

How To Use Defenseless In A Sentence?

  • He was defenseless and was unaware of the sympathies of the inmates of the little house.
  • They revenge themselves by burning our villages and killing defenseless people.
  • The defenseless men, women and children left in the cabins were mercilessly butchered.
  • He towers above me, gaunt, powerful, as pitiably defenseless as any little child.
  • He "wanted no guff," and I left him to his meditations respecting his defenseless state.
  • To protect the defenseless French coast against attack by the German navy; 2.
  • It was being served out to him and his band as they had served it out to many a defenseless family in the beautiful valleys of the border.
  • Somers had him at his mercy, and it seemed but little better than murder to shoot him in his defenseless state.
  • Mother felt that in our present defenseless condition she should not refuse any offers of aid, and thanked him.
  • They did succeed in killing a large number of defenseless men and women, but this was the only result of these attacks.
  • But in this case we're not bombing a defenseless town, and killing women and children.
  • He gave another cruel thrust into the very vitals of the defenseless machine, and then withdrew his dripping blade.
  • Marise was so sensitive, so impressionable, so easily moved, so defenseless when her emotions were aroused.
  • There was no sound of an alarm yet, no cries to suggest that the fiends had rushed up the stairs to wreak their savagery on a defenseless woman.
  • Are we going to sit quietly on our islands, and let these devils incarnate continue to enslave our brothers and other defenseless people?
  • She could no more tell this man, returning to life and love of her, than she could kill him as he lay there defenseless and trusting.
  • There's a million islands out there of one kind or another, and as defenseless as a two weeks' old infant.
  • They kept him fastened with a chain, but somehow he had worked himself loose, and now he had come to make a late supper out of poor defenseless me.
  • The boy was sitting up, staring with dilated eyes at the nocturnal scene, and stretching out his little arms as if to aid his defenseless mother.
  • He flung bursts of spouting, acid-filled lead at the defenseless planes, and saw two of them collapse in shrouds of acrid white smoke.
  • He fell a prey to some ruthless Kurds, a hostile band who asked no questions of the innocent, defenseless man.
  • We were only a crowd of old men and defenseless women and children, but we were all that was left of France in our French town.
  • The propagation of offspring and the protection and support of the young and defenseless always involve sacrifice on the part of the parents and the stronger members of the race.
  • Think how these defenseless ladies and thin-skinned gentlemen who fill positions of trust in your establishment must suffer sometimes from your boorish impetuosity.
  • And, by the living God, the Hun would pay for that foul gas given to the wind to carry against defenseless men.
  • And so now we were face to face with whatever final cruelty these devils in human shape might devise upon us, who were helpless and defenseless in their hands.
  • Then seeing the camp of the maidens he approached, and finding them innocently eating his melons, he poured forth the vials of his wrath upon their defenseless heads.
  • But if we ask, for instance, how so timid and defenseless an animal as the rabbit manages to survive and multiply, we extend our knowledge of natural history.
  • Could it be possible that this young and beautiful girl had been a chattel, with no power to protect herself from the highest insults that lawless brutality could inflict upon innocent and defenseless womanhood?
  • No day passes but the attack is renewed, but there is heard some sarcasm against the reverend, venerable, infallible corporations, defenseless and unsupported.
  • No one who has not gone through the ordeal of an Indian insurrection can form any idea of the terrible apprehension that takes possession of a defenseless and noncombatant population under such circumstances.
  • Instead of going westward where the danger was and something might be accomplished, they had turned eastward among the settlements and murdered a few poor defenseless people, mostly women and children.
  • They were, moreover, angered at the severity with which the English general had endeavored to suppress their tendency to acts of cruelty on the defenseless settlers.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Defenseless | Defenseless Sentence

  • A poor defenseless cat!
  • We are not quite so defenseless as you might think.
  • The pitiless butcher of defenseless men?
  • Poor, defenseless Earth-creatures!
  • You're a bloody murderer of women and defenseless natives.
  • Taking the child with them, they went up the stairs to the defenseless home.
  • Beyond all beauty we can see The land's defenseless misery.

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