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How To Use Deferential In A Sentence?

  • The few men who recognized her in the elevator or in the hall bowed with deferential admiration.
  • I should return to the subject, while his almost deferential manner to me was quite distressing.
  • But every one of her subjects was deferential to her, and appeared awe-struck with her beauty.
  • The smoothness, even deferential atmosphere of the man merged into one of sharp suspicion.
  • Mr. Gosse is at once more grave and more deferential in his treatment of great authors.
  • He lay placidly smoking, with no more than an occasional deferential glance at Hetty.
  • There was in his manner towards her a mixture of business formality and the deferential attitude of a gentleman.
  • Kipps became polite and deferential by habit, but his mind was a tumult that had nothing to do with that.
  • Who shall say, too, that she had not noticed the deferential admiration by which he always distinguished her?
  • The only acknowledgment he made was to put a still more respectful deference into the curve of his respectful, deferential back.
  • A man will always bear in mind that the greatest compliment he can pay a woman is a respectful, deferential attention to her words.
  • Look at those turnpike gates; with what deferential hurry, with what an obedient start, they fly open at our approach!
  • Then, turning to the deferential figure, her tone changed, and she drew herself up to the full of her small height.
  • A room steward, who had just ascended the iron ladder, approached, touching his cap with a deferential forefinger.
  • He had assumed the attitude of a deferential guide, and his remarks were almost entirely addressed to Harboro.
  • When Doris awoke in response to her deferential knock, only the reticence of the trained servant greeted her.
  • Something in his voice, in his awkward, deferential manner, brought back to her memory the too-sympathetic drummer on the train.
  • With a deferential glance towards us, the new-comer unstrapped his knapsack, spread his blanket over it, and sat down unobtrusively.
  • His eyes were friendly, his lips smiling, as he bowed to her, in deferential courtesy, to all appearances a gentleman of her world.
  • He was not the bent, deferential old gardener, nor was he the Feller changed to youth as he thought of himself at the head of a battery.
  • Hartwell had occasionally dropped in for a social drink at the Blue Goose, and the deferential welcome accorded to him was very flattering.
  • Ingleby opened the flour-bag with something as nearly approaching a grin on his gaunt face as was compatible with the deferential attitude he had assumed.
  • Renoux was beside her, very deferential and graceful in his attendance, and with that niceness of attitude which confesses respect in every movement.
  • And her stomach began to complain bitterly, for as has been remarked it was a pampered creature and had been long accustomed to being served sumptuously and with deferential promptitude.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Deferential | Deferential Sentence

  • He made a deferential gesture.
  • The deferential butler began to grow suspicious.
  • And he turned deferential lenses on the indignant girl.
  • A deferential insolence lay behind the affected meekness.
  • His whole attitude underwent a marked and deferential change.
  • All squabs are to maintain in public a deferential and modest attitude.
  • He stood close to a chair in a somewhat deferential attitude.
  • With a deferential flourish the waiter brought him the menu-card.
  • She had a manner at once deferential and masterful of addressing the old lady.
  • In deferential silence he saluted the battle grimed newcomer.
  • Then, instantly resuming his deferential tone, he continued the story.
  • But Jimbei paid no attention to his questioning deferential manner.
  • The small storm troop looked at Fay with deferential expectation.
  • Don Luis stood waiting imperturbably, in a deferential attitude.
  • It seemed to me that Mr. Hildreth was positively deferential to him.
  • The SAGE in outward manner most deferential and encouraging.

Definition of Deferential

Respectful and considerate; showing deference. | Based on deference; based on the doctrine, ideology, or wishes of others rather than one's own conclusions. | (anatomy, not comparable) Of, or relating to the vas deferens.
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