Defiant In A Sentence

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  • Clarke folded his arms in defiant mood.
  • He spoke in a fierce defiant way.
  • She was angry, defiant and humiliated at once.
  • He began to crash out some defiant chords upon the piano.
  • He remembered a large bare throat and a defiant neck-tie.
  • She wheeled round to face him, erect, defiant almost.
  • Kenny, waiting, whistled softly with a defiant air of calm.
  • The line of defiant Minute Men drawn up.
  • If their rank were superior to mine, they were defiant and insolent.
  • I demand the presence of a lawyer," was the defiant reply.
  • He clenched his fist, with a fierce, defiant look on his face.
  • The defiant horns of the town were answered by the bells of the University.
  • He is a defiant fellow, a worthy brother of him of Ingvorstrup.
  • But I could see that she had lost her short, defiant manner.
  • K. Ethelstan, defiant attitude, right foot on stool, wears brooch.
  • An' she used her fingers against her nose, too, most defiant and impolite.

How To Use Defiant In A Sentence?

  • Jeanne stood by with a defiant air, superintending the cording of the last one.
  • Her mother gave one defiant glance at her, then spooned out the cereal with vehemence.
  • It was at once defiant and alluring, tender and mocking, artless and mischievous.
  • The red spots in her cheeks deepened, and a defiant ring steadied her trembling voice.
  • Betty turned a defiant back upon them, tears of disappointment dimming the blue eyes.
  • The defiant look faded away, and a mournful expression settled around the full red lips.
  • In her dark brown eyes two defiant stars glowed, but the clear, sweet voice was low and tender.
  • Jerry's eyes were darkly defiant and her lifted hand seemed strong to strike for herself.
  • Maria looked at her step-mother, who visibly shrank before her, then looked at her with defiant eyes.
  • He walked home by the forbidden path through the plantation, feeling more reckless and defiant than he had ever felt before.
  • But his tomahawk was poised ominously on his shoulder, and his courage gave him a defiant and almost impudent air.
  • There was the same hard, stony glance, the same defiant bearing, the same haughty elevation of the brows.
  • Just then the boy who had sat with Maria on the car coming over walked with a defiant stride to her other side.
  • There was a stern, defiant expression in her face, very unlike my ideal of feminine charm and lamb-like meekness.
  • She was quite defiant till Clarke reminded her that her guide would cut her down in her tracks if she refused.
  • There was no answer but the steady, quick tapping of her foot on the floor, and her defiant face showed no more softening than an iron mask.
  • Maggie jerked her flaxen locks backwards with a slightly defiant air, and inquired of her parent if she was comin' on out o' that.
  • Self-reverence had dignified it, self-knowledge and self-control had turned the lines to kindly marble, defiant of time.
  • They were defiant but they took it all in, and for many a day gave details highly embellished of the palace where Mikky lay.
  • Before she reached the door she turned back, and stood facing him, self-possessed, and yet defiant and formidable in her composure.
  • He was a daring and defiant sinner, "risking damnation," as he had once said, for the desire of his heart.
  • She, poor creature, looked miserable enough; but the hardy, defiant expression was always on her face.
  • But she held on her course; and he, smiling in a defiant way, shook his bridle, and in a few moments they were but half a dozen yards apart.
  • And with a defiant glance at the big angry boy, the dark Hungarian swung down the path, singing as he went.

Definition of Defiant

defying. | Boldly resisting opposition.
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