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  • They all felt personally their own deficiency in comparison with this shining model.
  • And not only so, but that in proportion to this deficiency the organ is useless for its work.
  • That deficiency might have kept him away, but no voice of the spirit, no consideration of pride.
  • The special feature, again negative, is deficiency of bright, warm, encouraging sunshine.
  • It other words, no part of the deficiency ever passed into the Treasury of the United States.
  • And it is generally supposed that there has been for some time past a deficiency of circulating medium.
  • Better to be unmarried than to be saddled with a wife who from any deficiency of birth or manner was below the level of her station!
  • Hitherto there has been a sad deficiency in this matter in our manufacturing towns, and almost everywhere else.
  • If not endowed with any of the higher and greater qualities of intellect, he was equally removed from any deficiency on that score.
  • As a noteworthy deficiency at this period is to be mentioned the feeble memory for often-prescribed answers to certain questions.
  • If the rubber is weighed in the box, any observed deficiency would be attributed to a loss of weight in the rubber.
  • Our knives are reduced to two, one having disappeared unaccountably; but the deficiency is partially remedied.
  • The autopsy showed that the frontal lobes were surprisingly small, and that there was a partial deficiency of the median longitudinal fissure.
  • In fact, some memories are much oftener weak from deficiency in reviving power than from feebleness of first impressions.
  • None exceeds one half an inch in height, but their number makes up for size deficiency and the seed crop is tremendous.
  • Nay, perhaps my perverted heart loved her the more for her deficiency in virtues, which must have oppressed me with a painful sense of inferiority.
  • That care and system signifies much in such employment, and even more when it is lacking, since a deficiency therein is more grievous.
  • I may, with all my deficiency and unworthiness, know most assuredly that my prayer is acceptable, a sweet-smelling savour.
  • Others will talk about the loathsome spectacle and the revolting scene; that is, they will accuse it of a deficiency of art, or aesthetic beauty.
  • Equally far be it from me to intimate that there is any deficiency of qualifications on the part of masters of Grammar Schools.
  • In particular, there is a deficiency of meat, and the amount of meat raised per inhabitant is the lowest in Europe.
  • Miss Mary Martin feels very naturally her utter deficiency in all the graces and accomplishments which should pertain to her condition.
  • Did you ever feel the want of Jesus Christ, upon the account of the deficiency of your own righteousness?
  • It is unfair to characterise all deficiencies as defalcations, for from the nature of the case a deficiency does not always constitute a defalcation.
  • It is familiarly known that a taper will not burn where carbonic acid exists in any considerable quantity, or when there is a marked deficiency of oxygen.
  • A similar deficiency was the absence of that worldly wisdom, which in combination with a fine and generous disposition, is so valuable to its possessors.
  • For the deficiency of articulation shows itself plainly when a new word is properly used, but pronounced sometimes correctly and sometimes incorrectly.
  • As there is an increased amount of blood and nervous fluid supplied to the stomach and alimentary canal during the digestion of food, a deficiency exists in other organs.
  • The difficulty which we feel in uniting ourselves in thought with past ages, arises surely more often from the imperfection of our sympathies than from the deficiency of our positive knowledge.
  • The professors, for the most part, are ministers who failed in the pulpit and were retired to the seminary on account of their deficiency in reason and their excess of faith.
  • Now, in the dog-hole called Saint Malo there is some pretty land, although a great deficiency of marine scenery.
  • If these elementary rules are not observed faithfully, the deficiency will most probably be manifested in the dry rubber in the shape of streaks of varying shades of colour.
  • The hired man of that time was the occasional unattached member of society, or one who was forced out of the family hive by the excess of hands and the deficiency of land.
  • Consequently, those who cultivate one or two of these faculties, to the neglect of the others, exhibit a marked deficiency of acuteness and vigor in those not exercised.
  • These things, as Professor Christlieb pointed out, suggested a serious deficiency of the spirit of Christ in the community.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Deficiency | Deficiency Sentence

  • The deficiency was then made good.
  • It is also sensitive to a zinc deficiency in some soils.
  • This illustrates the deficiency in our knowledge of vulcanisation.
  • And it is here that one observes the chief deficiency of the collection.
  • Ere I sailed for Sydney however, the whole deficiency was sent to me.

Definition of Deficiency

(uncountable) Inadequacy or incompleteness. | (countable) An insufficiency, especially of something essential to health. | (geometry) The amount by which the number of double points on a curve is short of the maximum for curves of the same degree.
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