Deficit In A Sentence

Definition of Deficit

Deficiency in amount or quality; a falling short; lack. | A situation wherein, or amount whereby, spending exceeds government revenue.

How To Use Deficit In A Sentence?

  • They see the great deficit in their revenues, and the hopes of economy lessen daily.
  • The Finance Committee reported a deficit on the mechanical and electrical smoker.
  • At noon Daddy John in broaching the cask discovered the deficit in the water supply.
  • He knew how hard it would be to extract from it the means of repairing a deficit in his own finances.
  • Some of the deficit was made up by borrowing, but there is a limit to the amount that can be obtained in this manner.
  • Were it otherwise, the excess of private observers from this country would counterbalance our deficit in judges.
  • The government presents were never rich enough, and the unlucky consul had to make up the deficit out of his own pocket.
  • This percentage of dividend would be large enough but for such possibilities as these, which may soon reduce it to a deficit and a loss.
  • Provided also, that in no case should the rates be raised unless the deficit exceeded 11/2 per cent.
  • The remainder of the deficit of this undertaking he was able to make up from his earliest earnings in America.
  • For with the loss of his branch manager and his two best brokers, there was a deficit in his premium returns which he could not overcome.
  • The public deficit increased continually, until it finally amounted to nearly two hundred millions in a single year.
  • The facilities for cooking and preparing food for obtaining variety are limited, and for this reason the deficit must be made up in other ways.
  • This was the largest deficit at the end of any previous month, and was a big one with which to commence the improvement work of our last year.
  • And yet since 1891 there has been an annual deficit of national revenue under national expenditure averaging $2,250,000.
  • The deficit in our Budget is large, but not beyond what firm and prudent statesmanship could bridge.
  • He actually managed to reduce the deficit by several millions, and began to take steps to put the country upon a sound financial basis.
  • The second year with the current expenses $7,600 plus the deficit of $620 the total would be $8,220.
  • In order to wipe out the deficit incurred in this enterprise Congress voted an appropriation for that purpose amounting to $500,000.
  • Unless this is done there will be a deficit even after the War, and the Debt will have to be increased to meet it.
  • The deficit of the Cuban budget for the present year, as we were credibly informed, could not be less than eight millions of dollars.
  • The chronic deficit in the treasury had been further increased by a serious lowering in the rate of exchange, which was due to an excessive issue of paper money.
  • The deficit in the running expenses on June 30, 1911, the last day included in the annual report of that year was $1,693.95.
  • I could name many instances of the following kind: there is a threatened deficit in the funds of the mission, or an extension is needed and we have not the money.
  • The deficit had been wiped off, all but a dozen runs, when Psmith was bowled, and by that time Mike was set and in his best vein.
  • How will you diminish your taxation better, than by reducing all duties on imports, until the deficit is laid directly upon the shoulders of a single uncomplaining class?
  • That even one individual in a society should be debarred from undertaking that form of social toil for which it is most fitted, makes an unnecessary deficit in the general social assets.
  • I must just mention here that he received a very small allowance from his family, and made up the deficit by giving music-lessons, for which indeed he was but poorly paid.
  • But even after this raid on the owners of property and upon capital, the unfortunate Minister of Finance is faced with a deficit of Mk.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Deficit | Deficit Sentence

  • This reverses the deficit trend of recent years.
  • The annual deficit was eight hundred millions.
  • The deficit is at present Fl.
  • This would leave a deficit the first year of $620.
  • Si amor minuatur, cito deficit et raro convalescit.
  • As stated here, the deacons have a deficit of Rds.
  • The year 1811 closed with a deficit of forty-eight millions.
  • A very small proportion of the deficit fell under British steel and lead.
  • The Government's deficit was $276,900,000.
  • The stakes were heavy, and Kensley's deficit began to mount up ominously.

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