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  • The clearer defining of life.
  • She ceased, as if defining to herself this peculiar charm.
  • Perfect information is a defining feature of the perfect market.
  • But is there not a human and practical value in the very defining of religion?
  • It affords excellent distinctive characters for defining the genera.
  • A few examples will make this practical meaning of defining clear.
  • Likewise he laid down certain laws to the Memphis papers defining treason.
  • The Profitableness of Defining Religion 54 Sect.
  • The Possibility of Defining Religion 53 Sect.
  • The True Method of Defining Religion 56 Sect.

How To Use Defining In A Sentence?

  • Nothing is so formidable as it appears when we shrink from defining it to ourselves.
  • It is certain that the enterprise of defining religion is at present in disrepute.
  • We do it by definitely defining his rights and then undertaking to avenge his wrongs.
  • Conceptions of criminal law have in fact played a great part in defining our relations with him.
  • Your first impulse when you find a term that needs defining may be to go to a dictionary.
  • There we find the old white wainscoting unpaneled, with a fine carved molding defining the top.
  • Observing the manner of its Pricking, and its Practice, may excuse any further defining it.
  • That is the great Mr. Soandso, defining his position amid tumultuous and irrepressible cheers.
  • The two defining technologies of the last thirty years are biotechnology and the networked computer.
  • There was nothing in the laws of the company defining his position, and he could hardly have defined it himself.
  • Used between independent clauses, it indicates only that a relation exists between them without defining that relation.
  • For the purpose of defining the three sets of controls as clearly as possible, each is treated separately.
  • This powerful telescope was capable of defining with greater accuracy the structural formation of those objects than any other instrument in use.
  • Let us see how far this law of habit formation may have been effective in defining the extent of the area occupied.
  • As long as men had only studied the higher forms of living things there was no difficulty in defining and distinguishing living organisms.
  • Even its failures were necessary as showing what could not be accomplished, and its extravagances as defining the boundaries of wise experiment.
  • It seems desirable therefore to clear the way by classifying the ideas with which we have to deal, and by defining the terms corresponding to them.
  • This will enable us to search for the portion of philosophy that is in some poetry, without finally defining their respective boundaries.
  • We thus acquire a habit, in discussing activity-experiences, of defining them by their relation to something more.
  • If his mode of defining the word be contested, then it has no meaning other than its relative signification, of a means to an end.
  • Once made, they are dead, and an infinite number of alternative conceptual decompositions can be used in defining them.
  • They wanted to set a clear rule defining how much of a sound recording one could use without permission.
  • Across the front, defining the estate, was once a neat paling fence that had been torn down until only a small portion remained.
  • The light makes the bare wood of the fixture appear incandescent, defining its geometry in rose colour with the most beautiful effect.
  • He gave a detailed account of his midnight interview with Firmstone, defining sharply between his facts and his inferences.
  • In both cases, the use of "quotation" is a defining part of the genre, a harmless or even complimentary homage.
  • On that occasion the Chancellor expressed himself at length in defining Germany's position.
  • Experience with the living frogs in their natural habitats has been helpful in defining the species and in formulating ideas concerning their relationships.
  • The early fathers and the councils of the Church referred to them in defining the true doctrine and prescribing the correct practise of the Church.
  • The esteem which so many people have for the spiritual substance, appears to result from the impossibility they find in defining it in an intelligible way.

Definition of Defining

present participle of define
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