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  • But speech itself was too definitive of horrors.
  • Does anyone know what these definitive terms mean?
  • Procure me, however, this definitive conference.
  • The definitive losses represent at least 1,300,000 men.
  • A Definitive Rossetti.
  • He could not guess her movements after that silent, definitive leave taking.
  • I shall reach out to my definitive prize in all the Lunechien Forest.
  • This was followed by the definitive Treaty of Paris, September 3, 1783.

How To Use Definitive In A Sentence?

  • With the centuries the Chinese government settled into more and more definitive form.
  • On the 10th of April, 1783, the definitive treaty of peace was received and published.
  • As she had spoken of her "abode," I knew there was some definitive objective of her flight.
  • It cannot be said that the net results of these observations and hypotheses are of a very definitive character.
  • Trevena's many-sidedness will be apparent only when there is a definitive edition of his work.
  • Let us say again, under the shadow of that monstrous victory vast and definitive progress is taking place.
  • This period of preservation, of definitive constitution with rational transformation, presents several varieties.
  • That such a course would involve cessation of all hostilities within definitive lines in the territory of Russia is obvious.
  • Les uns et les autres, qui en définitive se trouveront être les mêmes, sont des faits à grands rendements.
  • Though the measures then adopted did not lead to a definitive suppression of the grievances complained of, some of them were removed in another mode.
  • But so far am I from suggesting any definitive answer to such questions, that I hardly yet can put them clearly.
  • Such was the definitive form of the contribution of the clergy, who also acquired the right of themselves assessing and levying these taxes on the holders of benefices.
  • On November 23d, instead of a definitive treaty a simple convention was signed, postponing the coronation until February.
  • But its events are so numerous that they swamp the figure of Lincoln and yet are not numerous enough to constitute a definitive history of the times.
  • And what is there more brutally materialistic than the constant practice of that same Church since the eighth century, from which dates her definitive establishment as a power?
  • On the 9th of that month, I waited on the Governor, at Parramatta, to receive his definitive instructions.
  • During this period were evolved its organization and definitive features (see PARLEMENT).
  • I regard them as the definitive chronicle of the first Irish American generation in its process of assimilation by New York.

Definition of Definitive

explicitly defined | conclusive or decisive | definite, authoritative and complete
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