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  • Not only could the rays deform the offspring.
  • The hats which children wear, usually compress and deform the pavilion.
  • In fact, they seem to block up the view, and to deform what they do not hide.
  • Must systems, still, of monstrous birth, Enslave mankind, deform this earth?

How To Use Deform In A Sentence?

  • I curse not all the wicked, but the man Whose secret practices deform his life.
  • No stoop, no length of time can deform that, any more than it can change the attraction of his face.
  • The great distances must certainly account for some of the evidences of strain which deform the faces and exhaust the minds of so many virtuosos.
  • The mere energy of the motor would crush the gas-bag against the pressure of the wind, deform it, and render it unmanageable.
  • But we deform ourselves with agencies so pleasant that we think we are having a good time, until we become so changed and enslaved that we scarcely recognize ourselves.
  • Then La Normande would raise her arm a little, and say that there was no need for her to wear any stays to cramp and deform her figure.
  • Enter a female college and look for the glasses that, were the youthful devotees of learning there assembled of the other sex, would deform half the faces you observe.
  • But in general everything is lies and the ambitions are all false and the education is no better than the shoes that are put on Chinese female feet to stunt and deform them.

Definition of Deform

(obsolete) Deformed, misshapen. | (transitive) To change the form of, negatively. | (transitive) To change the looks of, negatively; to disfigure.
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