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  • You are not going to defraud your neighbor, I hope.
  • Is it any fault of mine if another has stepped in to defraud me of thyself?
  • Their treaties are only to deceive, and their traffick only to defraud us.
  • In turn, the landlords defraud the city of one-half of this assessment.
  • Neidorf had never urged Prophet to defraud anyone, or to steal anything.
  • I do not defraud the Divine Circle of their sacrificial joints.

How To Use Defraud In A Sentence?

  • It would be unjust in me to try to defraud him of the fruits of his own choosing.
  • They saw I was no spirit, and they believed that I had been trying to deceive and defraud them.
  • Justices and landed gentry leagued with "the Owlers" to rob, to smuggle, and defraud the customs.
  • He forgot his scheme to defraud Old Jimmie in the far greater concern aroused by her last words.
  • Many officers in the national government were believed to be mixed up in schemes to defraud the people.
  • It was easy to defraud him of his meager wages, since he had no lien upon the products of his labor.
  • Are you tempted to indulge in sensuality, or to defraud your neighbor, and even to assassinate him?
  • Ever since telephones began to make money, there have been people willing to rob and defraud phone companies.
  • The pious men who dwell in the sanctuary have at all times been proved to defraud their God by these little deceptions.
  • It is a maxim of British commercial law that it is lawful for the citizens of one nation to defraud the revenues of other nations.
  • He was convinced, that to defraud nature of her rights was absolute insanity, and that it was the duty of man not to destroy, but to control her.
  • He offered to swear that he had sent the notice to Thornhill in good time, and had had no intention to defraud the revenue.
  • There was no doubt in my mind of the intention to mislead, if not to defraud me, and the communication now under advisement was in tone cavalier almost to the point of insult.
  • This law regarded the nonfulfillment of a contract on which an advance had been made as prima facie evidence of intent to defraud and thus gave employers immense power over their employees.
  • She did not know that the cashier, thinking she was trying to defraud him, would not have called the police, but was simply trying to frighten her into paying.
  • And have not these same judges actually condemned almost every prize as a droit to the crown, thereby doing as much as in them lay to defraud the squadron and to damp its zeal and destroy its energies?
  • It has seemed to me at times during the last four months as if the carpenters and joiners and plumbers and painters were leagued against Alice and me to defraud and to rob us.
  • If he disposes of merchandise intrusted or consigned to him, and applies the avails to his own use, with intent to defraud the owner, he may be punished by fine and imprisonment.
  • At the time of his marriage to Helen all the princes of Greece had vowed to support him against any enemy who should attempt to defraud him of his rights.
  • Emerging from this seclusion, lest he should defraud his natural element entirely, he plunged into the hot water of the revolutions then ravaging Europe.

Definition of Defraud

(transitive) To obtain money or property from (a person) by fraud; to swindle. | (archaic) To deprive.
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