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  • Liberty unrestrained degenerates into license.
  • It does all this and more, provided that it never degenerates into gambling.
  • In a few months his playing degenerates so it is hardly fit to listen to.
  • It does all this and more, provided that it never degenerates into gambling.
  • A wide humanitarian sympathy in a nation easily degenerates into hysteria.

How To Use Degenerates In A Sentence?

  • For there is a point at which the most illustrious antiquity degenerates into dirt.
  • In many persons it degenerates into a chronic disease, which is practically incurable.
  • Repartee should be indulged in with moderation, and never kept up, as it degenerates into the vulgarity of an altercation.
  • Much of the verse is musical, and there is throughout a vein of thoughtfulness which never degenerates into a morbid brooding.
  • Between officer and man there is a marked respect, and a marked good fellowship which never degenerates into familiarity.
  • Such persons are really degenerates of their peculiar kind, and need to be saved, perhaps by desperate measures.
  • The mold of the man was masculine, and the subdued sorrow that flavors his whole career never degenerates into sickly sentimentality or repining.
  • In tropical countries where the dog becomes dumb, or degenerates into a mere growler, his trumpet never rusts.
  • Bears heavier crops the older it becomes, unlike other fruit trees the size and quality of whose fruit degenerates with age.
  • There are limits beyond which respectful obedience degenerates into weakness, and the ruler of Carrington had reached them.
  • The nearer to God his heroic Degenerates get, the more feverishly enfeebled becomes their human will.
  • The humor is honest and golden; it never wearies the reader; the pathos is never sentimentalized, never degenerates into bathos, is never morbid.
  • Whenever this happens and participants pay for the amusement, the character of the amusement degenerates because it must appeal to as great a number as possible.
  • When comparative prominence in consciousness of activity or outcome is transformed into isolation of one from the other, play degenerates into fooling, and work into drudgery.
  • The history of Rome and Greece, when written by their scholars, degenerates into English party pamphlets.
  • There is also a return or downward current of less strength, which returns to the lower strata the failures, the incompetents, and the degenerates of the upper.
  • In prose especially, his sentiment often degenerates into sentimentality, and he continually approaches, and sometimes oversteps, the verge of the trivial.
  • His simplicity never degenerates into ineptitude or insipidity; his enthusiasm must be based on reason; he rarely suffers his love of the vast to betray him into toleration of the vague.

Definition of Degenerates

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of degenerate | plural of degenerate
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