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  • I am told that the race is degenerating and dying out fast.
  • The crowded rooms, the unholy excitement, are degenerating and debasing.
  • The coins and the paintings of Pompeii show us craft degenerating in type.

How To Use Degenerating In A Sentence?

  • We must prevent enthusiasm from degenerating into mob spirit, and from becoming attached to wholly material interests.
  • Now and then Tom felt uncomfortably about his practical joke, which was degenerating into a deception.
  • A republic follows; degenerating first into a rude and wild democracy; and thence into a cruel and more turbulent anarchy.
  • For, remember, even with a general decrease of mortality you may often find a race thus degenerating and still oftener a family.
  • Her ladyship was anxious to obtain some juvenile anecdotes of her hero; but the Bishop contrived to be amusing without degenerating into gossip.
  • From the rank of genius, he was fast degenerating into that of profligate: his affairs grew more and more embarrassed; and he had no gift of putting any order in them.
  • The tide of battle rolled eastwards, gradually degenerating into a pursuit and butchery, and the original site of the struggle was left to the dead and the dying.
  • This proved to be valuable for social reasons, and it kept conditions of health among the poor from degenerating in anything like the way that has happened in modern times.
  • The broad fact is that the farming class in this country is degenerating by the withdrawal of its best blood; and still more serious injury is being done to it by the introduction of the lower class of foreigners.
  • The lyric tenor was a decent enough colleague, though an absolute peasant in behaviour, with an extraordinary high voice which was rapidly degenerating from misuse.
  • It is seldom that the affections are likely to acquire an undue influence, but there is great danger of self-love degenerating into selfishness, which interferes with the duties we owe to others.

Definition of Degenerating

present participle of degenerate
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