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  • You degrade yourself by marrying me?
  • Vices weaken and degrade nations.
  • To worship another is to degrade yourself.
  • I cannot degrade you; it is yourself you are degrading.
  • But what may heighten the elegant may degrade the sublime.
  • I degrade you from your esquireship; and, faith!
  • Oh, I degrade the subject, do I?
  • We degrade and disgrace our constituents and the country.
  • Influences favorable or prejudicial might degrade it or exalt.
  • Don't let your husband degrade you.
  • But to use it unnaturally will degrade it in the opinion of those who hear us.
  • And in the process you may degrade yourself to a mere popularity-hunter!
  • One may degrade the moral person by wounding it in its instruments.
  • Possibly there is a ray of poetry in them, but that could hardly degrade her.
  • I'll not degrade thee with an oath, my son.
  • Yet neither time nor injury can obliterate style or wholly degrade marble.
  • It is their intention, he says, to degrade her first, before they execute her.
  • But I give him up gladly, because to keep him would be to degrade him.
  • Did nature in some angry moment plan Some fierce hyena to degrade the man?
  • The discovery ... does not degrade the noble figure we know so well....
  • The Church used painting, music and architecture, simply to degrade mankind.

How To Use Degrade In A Sentence?

  • They and such as they should be the most unwilling to degrade the courts or lessen their power.
  • I did not wish to degrade this meeting to the level of a commonplace bachelor adventure.
  • We are not going to be like the poor creatures who let their misery degrade them.
  • Why shall we degrade ourselves by depending upon others for our mail facilities?
  • You cannot degrade a literature; it makes its own level and our labels do not affect it.
  • I would not degrade myself by casting about in my memory for a thought, nor by waiting for one.
  • Therefore it would unsex and degrade women to give them the Parliamentary vote.
  • Does someone object that that would be to degrade the Bible to the level of secular writings?
  • In England she had borrowed the untidiness and tawdriness that degrade the English poor.
  • To be an amusement merely is to degrade our stage to the level of a Punch-and-Judy show.
  • You must teach them not to take their liberty to be ladies and gentlemen for license to degrade themselves and their race here.
  • Will it not humiliate and degrade us in the eyes of the people of the state if we decree against a public library?
  • Her station in life was beneath his so far that the only recognition she could have would be one which would degrade her.
  • Pope he was inclined to degrade from a poet to a versifier, and thought his numbers rather luscious than sweet.
  • Does it not condemn her to the block, does it not degrade and shame her if she refuses to buy her right to motherhood by selling herself?
  • I did not wish that the spirit which I had summoned should be my master and degrade me to a product of his own imagination.
  • Whilst we want cities as the centres where the best things are found, cities degrade us by magnifying trifles.
  • Those, then, who accept the office without vocation for it, just for a livelihood, both degrade themselves and it.
  • The lowest and most carnal form of sin will enter the spirit, and, dragging it down into partnership in crime, will defile and degrade it.

Definition of Degrade

(transitive) To lower in value or social position. | (intransitive) To reduce in quality or purity. | (transitive, geology) To reduce in altitude or magnitude, as hills and mountains; to wear down.
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