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  • State in what kind of transmitters a maximum degree of sensitiveness is desirable.
  • That degree of smallness which is compatible with tolerable distinctness of detail is desirable.
  • Voice currents can vibrate the metal sheets in a degree to cause the condenser to speak.
  • My nephew has arrived at an age when he requires to be trained to a higher degree of cultivation.
  • But the art of hiding such stores is possessed in a high degree by the Tibetan.
  • The same powers developed themselves in a still greater degree in Miss Fetters.
  • On leaving Cambridge, he took his degree and went immediately to London to reside with his father.
  • I had fancied I perceived about him a degree of self-love, which I determined to make use of.
  • The degree to which the current is opposed by the capacity is the reactance of that capacity for that frequency.
  • What is the difference in the degree of responsibility attached to the future of these antipode beginnings?
  • The degree in which any current is opposed by inductance is termed the reactance of that inductance.
  • I always consider myself in some degree bound to make you the offer of my compositions when it is possible to do so.
  • Any power of doing or suffering in a degree however slight was held by us to be a sufficient definition of being?
  • Again, the opposites themselves may vary from the least degree of diversity up to contradictory opposition.
  • The fifth degree taught that each of the seven mute prophets had twelve apostles for the dissemination of his faith.
  • Though so very ugly, there was one faculty she possessed in a more remarkable degree than any woman of the tribe.
  • I admired the degree of old-fashioned ceremony and superannuated courtesy that prevailed in this little place.
  • I never heard a rude word nor was molested in the slightest degree during my walk round the porticos.
  • Obviously, in this way a very large area of plates could be secured with a minimum degree of separation.
  • For ordinary commercial use too great a degree of sensitiveness is a fault, as has already been pointed out.
  • His Passions, which sometimes rose to a Degree of Fury, were the Cause of all his Misfortunes.
  • He took his degree from Jesus College, Oxford, in 1828, and died rector of Manordeifi 1840.
  • It is mentioned as a high degree of wickedness in many of the heathen, that they were without natural affection.
  • Schoenbrunnen alone, which awakens so many recollections, aroused also some degree of interest in me.
  • After getting to the near vicinity of our work, we lay down beneath a hay-rick to wait for a degree of darkness.
  • Everything was arranged on the grass with a degree of symmetry, and the captain presenting me his knife, requested me to help myself.
  • There are, however, certain adaptations of the telephone transmitter which make a maximum degree of sensitiveness desirable.
  • There is always a certain degree of gossip about people of our class, which has, no doubt, misled you.
  • The men were proud of the leadership of a regular army officer, and admired him to such a degree that they re-enlisted for three years.
  • He was a poet in paint to a far greater degree than the so-called poets of the Eartham set were in words.
  • The thirty per cent alloy has approximately 28 times the resistance of copper and a temperature coefficient of .00024 per degree Fahrenheit.
  • It is not conclusively shown even of it that it augments in the same degree all of the voice waves which reach it, or even that it augments some of them at all.
  • Plato ridicules the notion that any individuals can corrupt youth to a degree worth speaking of in comparison with the greater influence of public opinion.
  • If care were not taken to kill the birds just when they attained to their greatest degree of fatness they fell rapidly in condition, and were nearly worthless.
  • I am really in despair at being condemned by my defective hearing to pass the greater part of my life with this most odious class of people, and to be in some degree dependent on them.
  • The degree to which the condenser allows alternating currents to pass while stopping direct currents, depends on the capacity of the condenser and on the frequencies of alternating current.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Degree | Degree Sentence

  • And ignorant to a surprising degree he was.
  • Burckhardt had been pushed one degree too far.
  • After the general brandy, in degree of interest, stood dress.
  • In Machiavelli's time it was indeed to an extreme degree one man's affair.

Definition of Degree

(obsolete outside heraldry) A step on a set of stairs; the rung of a ladder. [from 13th c.] | An individual step, or stage, in any process or scale of values. [from 13th c.] | A stage of rank or privilege; social standing. [from 13th c.]
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