Dejected In A Sentence

How To Use Dejected In A Sentence?

  • Presently he overturns an empty churn and seats himself on the top of it in a dejected fashion.
  • Presently she returned, and in her dejected countenance keen disappointment was depicted.
  • With a pleasantly dejected air he ushered the ladies into the darkened sick-room.
  • Vitality is low at 4 a.m., and we were as dejected as any two mortals could be.
  • The poor gentleman extended his helpless fingers as he spoke, and fell into a dejected reverie.
  • With his red cloak trailing heedlessly in the dust, he presented a decidedly dejected appearance.
  • Then her arms fell away from him, and she sank back beside him, dejected and relaxed.
  • For a moment the mule hung his head in a dejected manner, as though thinking out some new plan.
  • It was drawn by a big bony horse and a dejected little burro, and piled high with household goods.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Dejected | Dejected Sentence

  • For these dejected groves below.
  • Animals become depressed and dejected after it.
  • He seemed completely dejected and downcast.
  • The dejected figure sprang into action.
  • There was a dejected and dreary air about the place.
  • His dejected attitude smote her sorely.
  • And the jealous courtiers looked dejected and sad.
  • His prisoner turned dejected eyes upon him.
  • Arkady was beginning in a dejected voice ...
  • I wish he had not always that mournful and dejected look.
  • Some said the circumstances he found us in dejected him.
  • She pointed to a dejected canary perched on a window sill.
  • Then the jackal went away, dejected and disgusted.
  • She saw that his face wore a worried, dejected look.
  • The mayor returned early from the cafe, a dejected man.
  • Of late, however, he had grown dejected and moody.
  • Tom Ross was also a dejected figure.
  • His distresses, however afflictive, never dejected him.
  • Then, mounting the poop, he faced the dejected men.
  • Ojeda was very much dejected by the fact that he had been wounded.
  • They were growing very dejected under their enforced detention.
  • On solid earth the cowboy is a crestfallen and dejected object.
  • He was far more dejected than before, and determined to take his life.
  • The brave blue eyes of the girl stared at his dejected figure.
  • He looked pale and dejected as he rode past beneath the window.
  • Music lulls the disordered thoughts, and elevates the dejected spirits.
  • Not knowing what to do, he sat looking upon the finger in a dejected manner.
  • He would come forward wearing a languid, dejected and overburdened air.
  • Suddenly, through the gloom, a dejected and footsore wanderer made his way.
  • In this dejected brow; and in this shame Your fault is buried.
  • But the nearer the fatal day came the more dejected and nervous I got.

Definition of Dejected

Sad and dispirited. | simple past tense and past participle of deject
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